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Some of you may know that I have been doing my cartoons for about 3 years at the Cincinnati Beacon website.  Wanting to expand beyond just simply posting editorial cartoons, I started this blog about six months ago.  Knowing that I could still host my blog here but have my own domain name, I went to register 

What???? It’s not available.  Some dude had taken it six months ago.  I think he found me on the web and thought I would be an upcoming famous sensation that would make him rich by owning the domain.  All he had done is bought the domain and parked it so don’t bother seeing if he has a tribute to me on there. Well the jokes on you, because you are still paying for the domain and I am still not famous.

So I waited six months until his domain was set to expire and of course he renewed it.  Of course I could have gone with but eh.

So lucky for you and me, I got an even better URL – BEARTOONS.COM.   Think how many characters I am saving on twitter posts. 

Now for those of you linking to me, don’t worry, still works.  However, eventually I may want to put advertising on my site so I would have to host it elsewhere.   If you are one of those who have kindly linked to me in the past, if you have time to update your links to point to (you can leave the title of the blog as Bearman Cartoons), I would appreciate it.

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How to make a Tweet This Blog link using an Image

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So some of you have been wondering how I was able to make an image link on my blog that allows my readers to click on it and it automatically creates a completed Tweet in Twitter account.

For example if you click this image:

Tweet This Blog Post!

It should open up Twitter in a new window with a Tweet about the post already completed. It looks something like this:

Bearman Example Post on Twitter

Now I looked around on the web for something that would do this more automatically but either, you had to to download something, they were too confusing, or they just didn’t work when your blog is hosted on like mine is.

<a href=" @BearmanCartoons post on Creating a Tweet This Blog Link" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="Tweet This Blog Post!" />

So once you have copied the above in the bottom of your post there are three things to change:

1. Change @BearmanCartoons to @whatever your twitter name is
2. Change “Creating a Tweet This Blog Link” to the title of your blog post
3. Change the URL link to your specific post from mine of “; If you are using there is a permalink url right below the blog title entry box.

Don’t change the last URL which links to the image (I have changed the wrong one before) unless you are using your own image. And depending on the length of your URL, you may need to use a site like to make it a workable link with fewer characters.

Let me know if something isn’t clear in the instructions or if you have trouble with any of the links.  Would love to know if you find it useful too.

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Bearman Cartoon: Marvin Lewis & the Press

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Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis got into a tiff about the team’s performance with a local Cincinnati Enquirer reporter at his weekly press conference.   At one point he told the reporter he wasn’t going to respond to his questions.

12 18 08 Bearman Cartoon Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Lewis

Bearman Cartoon: Illegal Immigration TO Mexico

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Several articles (including one from USA Today) discuss the impact the economy is having on illegal immigration from Mexico. How long will it take for our economy to be worse and people start immigrating illegally OUT of the U.S.?

12 11 08 Bearman Cartoon Illegal Immigration TO Mexico

Bearman Cartoon: Bengals Fan 2

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It seems that the hope of a revival of the lowly Cincinnati Bengals two years ago has turned into the same old thing. While still holding out hope, surprised at the number of people who still are showing up to the games.

12 1 08 Bearman Cartoon Cincinnati Bengals armor shame