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Bearman Cartoon: Print Cartoonists vs Web Cartoonists

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I am a fan of cartoons. Given my chosen decision to do editorial and pop culture cartoons as my muse makes me love learning and knowing what is going on in the industry.  Webcomic Planet and are great sources for those starting out or trying to move forward with their webcartoons.

But to get overall industry information, one of the best sources that I visit often is the Daily Cartoonist.

But it seems there is plenty of animosity between traditional print and editorial cartoonists and webcartoonists.  About every six months a pissing match between the two entails.  And recently this post which now boasts almost 300 comments, shows the feud is alive and well.

Here is the cliff notes version. Print cartoonists lambast webcartoonists for “giving away product for free” thus cheapening it for all or not being able to make a living under a web based model. Webcartoonists in turn think print cartoonists are old and set in their ways and are only lashing out because newspapers are dying and they want someone to blame but themselves.

No matter what the medium I am both envious of and inspired by anyone who has the opportunity and skill to do what they love on a full time basis. Me on the other hand, have to go back to work tomorrow.

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Bear Webcomics

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Given that many a folk will shorten my name, Bearman, to just the friendly “Bear”, I thought I would honor all those that I know of with webcomics that include the word “bear” or have main characters that have a bear.  Anyone have or know of any missing, let me know.

First I want to highlight two frequent commenters here:

Unbearable Bears Presents by David LaMason – Oskar the Bear stars along with his bird friend Bainbridge and their musings on life in the woods.

Arctic Blast by Alfred Laird – comic based on the friendship of a Polar Bear, Seal, Inuit and a lost Flamingo and the adventures they find themselves involved in

Others I follow:

Ice Cubes Comics  by Leroy Brown with Pekinpaw the Polar Bear
Imagine This by Lucas Turnbloom with the “cute” Teddy Bear Clovis
Bear Nuts by Alison Acton

And others I found.
Bear and Tiger
Wally and Osborne
Bear vs Zombies

Bennie and Boone
The Devil Bear

The Frustrated Cartoonist – At 100

Posted in Guest Cartoon with tags , , , , , , on September 8, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Our final selection is from Nate Fakes.  He draws, might draw, used to draw the Frustrated Cartoonist.  Hell, I don’t know.  You see Nate has hit the big time with Mad Magazine as well and will have a recurring strip going forward.  He swears that doesn’t mean the end of his Frustrated Cartoonist character Jim, but given how he drew him at 100, I think it might be a sign.

The Frustrated Cartoonist is Jim who longs to be like Nate and actually get paid to do his craft.  Yet like all of us frustrated cartoonists, he has to manage a day job to pay the bills.  That and his girlfriend and neighbors seem to cut into actual cartooning time.  Anyone who has ever had a hobby that they eventually wanted to become a career will relate.

So I give you the slow progression of age of Jim.

Aging Jim

So thanks Nate and thanks to all the great cartoonists for helping me out.  I look forward to reading all the comments.

Follow Nate on Twitter so you can keep up with all he is doing.

And follow me on Twitter too.  I should finally be posting again sometime this week.

Guest Editorial Cartoon: Agent_X

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So just this week I announce that I am looking for webcomics creators to draw what their characters will look like at age 100 and already I have entries from George and Byron (be careful when going to their sites as these guys tend to like to draw protruding nipples).  Remember those interested get to me by August 15.

I also put out an ongoing call to anyone who wanted to submit an editorial/pop culture cartoon and I got my first submission from Agent-X Comics.  This site is full of single panel  gag cartoons that tend to poke fun at social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc) and their users. He is probably most known for this hilarious toon:

So without further ado along the lines of what he is known for with an editorial bent, I give you the first guest editorial cartoon.

Agent_X Guest Cartoon 7 24 09

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