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The Power of StumbleUpon and Twitter

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George this one is for you. I wrote an article for WebcomicPlanet on using StumbleUpon and Twitter and being able to post to both using one tool – Check it out here.


D. Long – At 100

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Our final two guest cartoonists are actual published cartoonists in the ultimate of cartooniness – Mad Magazine.  First up is D. Long (you can see the image of the now released Mad that has his work on his blog).   You actually have to buy the magazine to see what he drew though.  Someone is yelling “damn the capitalists”

Now D is the mastermind behind Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life.  I am thinking his website address of eqcomics is short for Edmund’s Quest but it could be that he used to draw cartoons for home audio buffs and didn’t want to lose the URL.

Anyway, D takes Edmund on an ongoing quest that continually gets him in and out of trouble.  Just when you think he is safe…BAM, another tragedy befalls.   Mr Long is quite the character himself and decided to show us what he thinks he will look like at 100. 


 I am thinking that his balloon fetish might have taken a turn for the worse.  Thanks D!! 

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Come back in 2 days for our final guest cartoon from the Frustrated Cartoonist!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)

Unbearable Bears – At 100

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Anyone with “Bear” in their webcomic title has to be outstanding.  And David LaMason must be even better than that because he has “bear” appearing twice in the title.  And this has special meaning because I am the recipient of David’s first Guest Cartoon.

Unbearable Bears is the story of Oskar, a dimwitted but loveable bear, and Bainbride, a headstrong birdbrain (literally he is a bird).  Frequently David himself has been making an appearance so he counts as a character too.  Thus I give you David LaMason at 100.

Dave Lemason

I know this comment will come out of one of you.  NO, David was never “touched” by Michaels Magic Glove.

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Come back in 2 days for another new guest cartoon from EQ Comics!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)

Unemployed Dad Back

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One of the first cartoonists to find and support my blog was Michael Freed of Unemployed Dad.  He took a few months off but it looks like he is back.  Check him out if you get a chance.