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Bearman Cartoon: Don’t Watch-Man

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Two blogs that I tend to check out on a regular basis both had reviews of the new move “Watchmen”.

Now I haven’t seen the movie yet (nor did I read the comic that inspired it) but Tom Richmonds Cartoon Blog and Tannerleah’s Stop Annoying Me Blog, both this week gave much press to the fact that the character Dr Manhatten is nude in much of it and that he has blue junk.  I thought this odd until I googled more reviews and found this being talked about more than other parts of the movie. (See here, here and here for just a few other reviews)

I’ll be seeing it sometime this week and will give a full review.  I just hope now I can keep from actually looking for the penis.  Maybe when it comes out on video it can become a popular drinking game like “Hi Bob” (bonus if you know what this is referring to).

Anyway, here is my editorial cartoon take.

3 11 09 Bearman Cartoon Watching the Watchmen