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Maximizing Twitter and StumbleUpon

Posted in Observations with tags , on February 21, 2010 by bearmancartoons

Last month I wrote an article for Webcomic Planet, so to ease back in from my much deserved and needed break, I thought I would repost it here.

Raise your hand if you use Twitter to announce when you have posted a new comic/cartoon.  Raise you hand if you also like to submit your new post to sites such as Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon.
If you are a user of Twitter and a registered user of StumbleUpon there is a great but little known tool at your disposal that you can submit a link to both sites at the same time.  When posting your comic’s URL to twitter you either have to use a URL shortener like or allow Twitter to shorten it for you.  Instead, I recommend using to shorten your URLs. 
Make sure you are signed into both Twitter and StumbleUpon.  Once you have posted your latest cartoon, go to and type in your tweet along with the full URL of the post.   Then hit submit.  Your post will be submitted to both sites. 
Here is what really makes it impactful.  Now when someone clicks on your link in twitter they will go to your post on StumbleUpon where they can not only view your cartoon but also give it a “Thumbs Up”.  The more “Thumbs Up” you get, drives potentially more visitors. 
Even better is that has analytics of who retweeted your post.  If you are like me it can be difficult to determine if someone retweeted your post especially if they don’t use your twitter name.  With, anytime they use the shortened URL in a tweet, it will show up on analytics who sent out the message.
Hopefully this is a tool that is useful to you and please if you see the SU header in a post and you like it, take the second and give it a thumbs up.  Your fellow cartoonists will appreciate it.  And as always you can find me on twitter at @bearmancartoons.


The Power of StumbleUpon and Twitter

Posted in BearToons with tags , , , , on January 21, 2010 by bearmancartoons

George this one is for you. I wrote an article for WebcomicPlanet on using StumbleUpon and Twitter and being able to post to both using one tool – Check it out here.

Drew Carey Donating to LiveStrong

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , on November 27, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Tis the season as they say.  Already this week I posted about Tom Wilson raising money for LiveStrong (Lance Armstrong’s Foundation to fight cancer).  Well now there is another celebrity raising money. And before Lynn jumps to the conclusion that Drew is from Cincinnati (as she thought the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was), he too is from Cleveland (Parma actually).  Drew I don’t hold that against you.

For my out of country friends who may not know Drew he is a stand up comedian who went on to have a series success with the Drew Carey Show (with a kick ass theme song from The Presidents of the United States), Whose Line is it Anyway, and now is the host of the Price is Right.

You can help Drew raise money for LiveStrong and it won’t cost you a dime.  Anyone with a Twitter account just needs to follow him.   His Twitter name is @DrewfromTV  (click the name and you’ll go right there).  He is trying to raise awareness and up to $1 Million dollars. For every follower he gets by the end of the year he will donate $1 to LiveStrong. Check out his blog post for his hilarious self deprecating guilt.

Right now he is just under 250,000 followers so head over there and force a celebrity to spread his wealth.

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Guest Editorial Cartoon: Agent_X

Posted in Guest Cartoon with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 24, 2009 by bearmancartoons

So just this week I announce that I am looking for webcomics creators to draw what their characters will look like at age 100 and already I have entries from George and Byron (be careful when going to their sites as these guys tend to like to draw protruding nipples).  Remember those interested get to me by August 15.

I also put out an ongoing call to anyone who wanted to submit an editorial/pop culture cartoon and I got my first submission from Agent-X Comics.  This site is full of single panel  gag cartoons that tend to poke fun at social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc) and their users. He is probably most known for this hilarious toon:

So without further ado along the lines of what he is known for with an editorial bent, I give you the first guest editorial cartoon.

Agent_X Guest Cartoon 7 24 09

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Testing New Social Links

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , , , on July 3, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Thought I would join the world of bloggers who have social media buttons on their posts.  But of course I had to make some of my own for my favorites.  Many of you already have seen my Tweet This button to allow readers add any article to Twitter (directions here).  Well my other two favs are Digg and StumbleUpon so I created those as well.

Now in order to catch all the remaining ones, since I am hosting on there are some limitations.  A guy named Hillel Storer created GetSocial to easily handle this for any post.  Click here for an overview and click here for the latest download.

Let me know what you think and if I screwed up any of the coding.

BTW…I have gotten requests about using my Tweet This button in the past and I there may be some for these new ones.  I have no problem with anyone using them on their own site with one simple condition.  You must add my site to your blog roll.

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Bearman Charity Drive Update

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on June 7, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Last week I started the Charity Challenge that allows you to do things like blogroll me, follow me on twitter, tweet about the challenge or post a blog about it.  Details here.  Any of those activities would raise money for the local FreeStore Foodbank to help those in need.

Well week one was a great success and I thank all of you for your efforts.  Keep it going because the challenge runs till the end of June.  Here is a list of all the activity that was generated thanks to your efforts.  Please let me know if I missed anyone on this list.

$10 for Posting about the Challenge:

 $10 for Adding me to their Blog Roll:

$2 for Following me on Twitter: (if there were more that followed b/c of the challenge let me know)

$2 for each day You Tweet about the Challenge (up to 5x):

 For a Week One Grand Total of $156.  Thank you all.

If I inadvertantly missed your efforts from last week, please indicate in the comments section so I can correct. 


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Don’t forget your efforts cost me money… so spread the word about my charity challenge. Click the image below for details.


Beartoons Charity Drive

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , , on June 1, 2009 by bearmancartoons

No this isn’t one of those things where I ask you to support my site with a donation or buy raffle tickets

Readers from early on here will remember back in November I reported on some local bloggers (Cincinnati Blog and Cincinnati Beacon) throwing down challenges to other bloggers to raise money for the FreeStore FoodBank.  The FreeStore does a lot of great things locally to help families in need.

With so many people out of jobs, I have been fortunate to keep working.   So while I am by no means a rich guy, I felt it was important to do something to help others.  The FreeStore is a great beneficiary because donors tend to forget about them unless there is a holiday coming up.  So in honor of the launch of my new website URL,, and the celebration of another decade type birthday milestone this month, I am issuing this challenge to help raise money.  I will donate the indicated amount for each thing that you do in the month of June:

$10 – Add to your blog roll (for those who don’t already have it)

$10 – Blog about my challenge to your readers and link back to this entry in your post –

$2 – Follow me via TWITTER updates. (if you aren’t already)

$2 – For each Tweet that you include a link back to this challenge (once per day up to 5x)

If you add me to your blog roll, include this challenge in a post, or start following me via twitter because of this post please indicate in the comments.  If you tweet, just make sure to put @bearmancartoons somewhere in it and I’ll be able to account for it.

I am going to give a minimum of $100 so if no one takes me up on the challenge, at least someone will benefit with a maximum I am looking to do is $500, which I hope you will help me achieve.  I’ll post a weekly update of the money raised and who did what to raise the money with links back to your site if applicable.