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Team Conan or Team Jay Tshirts

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Cafepress in their infinite wisdom has decided to mark the Team Conan shirt image as being reviewed to ensure it meets their Content Usage Policy. So unfortunately anyone who actually likes the shirt won’t be able to buy it until they clear it. Clicking on the Conan Shirt will give a screen that doesn’t show any products. I’ll update when I hear.

UPDATE 2:  The shirts are now avaialable on Zazzle.  Click the image to go to their site.  I like the color options of Zazzle and the layout so I may move my entire shop there.

No updates to tshirts designs at in months and now two in as many days. Click the images to go to their respective sections.

Forget the Team Edward and Team What’s His Name from Twilight. The real war of 2010 will be between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Whose side will you be on?

Personally I think they both got screwed. But I would have liked to have seen Jay’s move to 7PM ET as I think it would have been solid cross programming to the game and entertainment news shows that are on at that time. But once again who listens to me?

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Skin It

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , on November 22, 2009 by bearmancartoons

No this has nothing to do with cats.  I got an email from photobucket that was promoting a website called “Skin It” 

It seems that with everyone but me owning an iphone there can be some confusion as to which one an individual owns during any iphone melee.  Skin it provides many different adhesive designs that you can use to customize your iphone, bender guitar, computer etc etc.   The problem I guess is when every sixteen year old girl has the Twilight skin on their phone so we are back to the original problem of identification.

However they let you customize your skins as well.  I played around with the customization for a while and found it to be a little lacking in its ease of use when trying to adjust an image or add multiple images to a design.  But I am sure George Ford will have fun putting Hanks face  on a ultrasound device (yes they have those too.)