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I’m Just a Healthcare Bill Tshirt

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Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Healthcare Bill TshirtDon’t know about kids outside the USA, but in the US we were exposed on Saturday mornings to little blurbs between cartoons called School House Rock.

These little ditties taught me the different between an adjective and an adverb, what the preamble to the US Constitution is and one of my favorites, was Bill.  It told the story of how a bill becomes a law on Capit0l Hill.

Unfortunately many bad bills get made into law and many good bills sit forever never becoming law.  No matter which side of the healthcare debate you are on, you might enjoy the latest tshirt from  It shows “BILL” beaten down and depressed because he is the “Healthcare Bill”.

Those of you who remember School House Rock…what was your favorite???

No Nuts Zone

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The idea for the most recent t-shirt design from came from our friends up North trying to do the right thing and the media of course taking it hilariously wrong.

It seems that after complaints of two passengers, the Canadian Transportation Agency has order Air Canada to come up with a plan to accomodate those with severe peanut allergies.  It seems two people who complained to the CTA got action after not getting anywhere with Air Canada.  The CTA ruled, “people with peanut and nut allergies face significant barriers to safe travel and should be treated as having a disability. As such, all accommodations should be made to ensure their safety while travelling with Air Canada.”

The funniest part is if you clicked the link to the story on a USA Today Blog not only is the title hilarious – Air Canada ordered to give fliers a ‘nut-free’ flight option – but take a look at the accompanying picture.  Really?  The best image to go with this story is a picture of an inflated hotdog??

So we give you the lastest No Nuts design available on t-shirts, buttons, bags, etc.  Some useful ideas for who you might buy this for include:

  • Your favorite peanut allergy sufferer.  Why should they have to explain their allergies to everyone.  Let a shirt speak for itself.
  • Your favorite man in your life.  Make sure he wears this out in public with you so everyone knows who wears the pants in the relationship.
  • Your favorite lesbian.  What better way to tell a guy to f_ off in a humorous way by letting him know you aren’t interested.

Personally, I think if they want to create a “nut free” zone in the airplanes, I would be happy to seat passengers accordingly since I can point out the real nuts.  They tend to get seated next to me and want to share their entire life story with me when all I want to do is sleep.  Oh and I have a great idea for Air Canada to easily adhere to this new policy.  STOP SERVING PEANUTS.  Give out pretzels instead.

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Win a WackSack T-shirt or Tote

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Want to help Midwest Mom promote the redesign of Hmm-Sweet-Splendid Wisdom?  Go to her site and follow the instructions.  In cooperation with the board of directors of we are donating a free t-shirt or tote bag for the cause that she is giving away.  So get on over there.

Halloween Candy Bags

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So of course my favorite pagan Holiday is almost upon us.  Thought I would highlight a couple different Halloween designs this month available at  So if you want your kid to have a candy bag that isn’t one of those fancy store bought kind, take a look at our crap. (Also available on tshirts of course)

What ever happened to the days when we were growing up that you just used a pillow case?

Oktoberfest T-shirt

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Cincinnati is known to have the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany.  Now while Germany’s lasts over several weeks and actually runs into October, for whatever reason Cincinnati’s is over a weekend and always in September.  So that is why I highlight them now.

The very first t-shirt we put on was this Oktoberfest shirt that shows a guy in lederhosen carrying a large sausage.  The back say’s “Grab your Sausage and Have Fun”.  It has consistently been one of the top sellers.

Oktoberfest Shirt FRONT


Octoberfest Shirt


Later we added these a few more designs which have done pretty well in their own right. Click on them to go to their respective product page.







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