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Bearman Cartoon: Swine Flu 2

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Due to popular demand for Swine Flu Editorial Cartoons (at least according to my search results), here is the second cartoon.  For those who missed the first, you can see it here.

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4 30 09 Bearman Cartoon Three Pigs Swine Flu

Bearman Cartoon: Swine Flu

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Thanks to George Ford at Addanac City comic for supplying the idea behind this editorial cartoon.  I was just thinking of what to do around the swine flu when he emailed me with this idea.  Thankfully he didn’t have the time to (pink) flesh it out so I got to. 

I may post another idea I had later in the week (or I might not).

4 28 09 Bearman Cartoon Porky Pig Swine Flu