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I’m Just a Healthcare Bill Tshirt

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Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Healthcare Bill TshirtDon’t know about kids outside the USA, but in the US we were exposed on Saturday mornings to little blurbs between cartoons called School House Rock.

These little ditties taught me the different between an adjective and an adverb, what the preamble to the US Constitution is and one of my favorites, was Bill.  It told the story of how a bill becomes a law on Capit0l Hill.

Unfortunately many bad bills get made into law and many good bills sit forever never becoming law.  No matter which side of the healthcare debate you are on, you might enjoy the latest tshirt from  It shows “BILL” beaten down and depressed because he is the “Healthcare Bill”.

Those of you who remember School House Rock…what was your favorite???

Oktoberfest T-shirt

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Cincinnati is known to have the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany.  Now while Germany’s lasts over several weeks and actually runs into October, for whatever reason Cincinnati’s is over a weekend and always in September.  So that is why I highlight them now.

The very first t-shirt we put on was this Oktoberfest shirt that shows a guy in lederhosen carrying a large sausage.  The back say’s “Grab your Sausage and Have Fun”.  It has consistently been one of the top sellers.

Oktoberfest Shirt FRONT


Octoberfest Shirt


Later we added these a few more designs which have done pretty well in their own right. Click on them to go to their respective product page.







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Dexter T-shirt

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So I finally posted a new t-shirt design after about 6 months to   One of my favorite shows is Dexter on Showtime.  Cafepress put out a call for shopkeepers to create designs promoting the series return on September 27.

For those unfamiliar, Dexter stars Michael C. Hall (previously on Six Feet Under on HBO).  He plays a forensic expert for the Miami police but he is also a serial killer.  The twist is that he only will kill those who are more evil than he is. The new season has John Lithgow coming in as another serial killer.  Can’t wait.

Click the shirt to go directly to the listing on the site.


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