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Scott Brown and Abortion Cartoon

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It is interesting how often political party members get into a tizzy when one of their own doesn’t go along with the party line on every single issue.  Not that it ever was a secret but now it is out in the news that Scott Brown, the Republican who won Ted Kennedy’s Senatorial seat, is not a pro-life senator.  He believes the government should stay out of the debate (with the exception of late-term abortions) and shouldn’t provide federal funds to support it.

Are Republicans who looked at this guy as a savior now going to backtrack?  The problem Republicans are having is their small tent litmus test mentality that says you have to fit into every category to call yourself a Republican.  At least on the surface I like the fact that Brown is trying to open the doors of the tent a little wider.

Fiscally I lean to the right and socially to the left.  As I have said before I want the Conservatives to stay out of my pants and the liberals to stay out of my wallet.
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