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Sarah Palin’s Hand

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2 9 10 Bearman Cartoon Sarah Palins Hand

I questioned myself as I thought of and drew this editorial cartoon.  Even now I understand the impact of the word “retard” or “retarded” but I don’t know if I am offended by every usage of it as others.  First some background.

Former Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to make news this month.  This week she was a keynote speaker at the Tea Party Convention.   During a Q&A discussion she could be seen checking out notes written on her hand.

And last week she called out President Obama to fire Chief of Stafe Rahm Emanuel for saying that some liberal activists are “fucking retards”  Yet when Chris Wallace confronted her about Rush Limbaugh’s similar use, she blew it off as satire.  So when someone uses the word “retard” or “retarded” in jest it is OK.  HUH??

As someone with a close relative who has Downs Syndrome, I would have to be restrained if someone called her a retard.  But I don’t have the same visceral response if someone called me it or my ideas retarded.  So as I say, I struggle with whether or not “retarded” should be avoided in all speech. 

For those who have an issue with using “retarded”, do you have similar issues with words like “idiot”, “moron” or “imbecile”??  If not, why not??  All of those words were used as IQ categories before the term “mentally retardation”  We now use terms such as “special” and “developmentally disabled”.  In 25 years, will those too be considered bad?

What is your opinion??

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Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 6

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If you missed the beginning of our story…go here first.

And the final episode of Celebrity Death Panel…

8 24 09 Bearman Cartoon DeathPanel6 copy

Originally I had in mind that Graham Reaper would be Sarah Palin trying to make money off “Death Panels” like Al Gore does off of Carbon Credits.  But then I figured you all needed something to do for two weeks while I am gone.  Just like the books when you were a kid where you chose the ending, I am asking the frequent commenters and lurkers of to comment on who they think the character should be and what he or she is saying.

So I am calling out those who I see coming here from other sites and especially those who don’t comment.  Jeff Jena and his conservative friends at Big Hollywood.  Rhino and his Libertarian friends at the DailyPaul.  Jammer get the Prairie Progressives to chime in.  Even the 2012 conspiracy news guys need to put down their Playboy Magazines and chime in.

It can either be someone you don’t like or someone you do…

Here is the only thing I ask. If you want to comment beyond offering up the suggestion of the identity of Graham Reaper and what he/she should be saying…BE CIVIL. This site is about the funny. I am leaving comments open while I am gone so let’s all get along.

Once I get back, I’ll pick the most popular or the one that I find funniest and draw it as the actual final panel of this series.

Note 1 – I haven’t left you completely without something new to look at while I am gone the next couple weeks. Thursday as I have a series of great toonists lined up to share with us either what they think they will look like or their cartoon character will look like at age 100. I’ll have a new one every two days.

Note 2 – Check out the story arc of the possible demise of the Frustrated Cartoonist as Nate Fakes hits the big time.

Note 3 – Congratulations to George Ford on his one year Anniversary of the online comic Addanac City. After doing six toons in a row, I have new respect for all of you who hold down a full time job and still can crank out 3-7 new cartoons every week.

I’ll be around to comment on Wednesday and Thursday morning but after that, you have to talk amongst yourselves.

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Bearman Cartoon: Real Reason Palin Quit

Posted in BearToons with tags , , , , , , , , on July 4, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Sarah Palin announced she is quitting her Governorship of the state of Alaska. Even after supposedly explaining her reasons, no one can figure it out. No one but of course ME.

This editorial cartoon gives you a peek inside her head and shows the real reason Sarah is quitting.

7 4 09 Bearman Cartoon Palin Resigns copy

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Bearman Cartoon: Sarah Palin “Pardons” Turkey

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Not one who jumped on the Sarah Palin is bad bandwagon but this faux pas was too funny.