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I’m Just a Healthcare Bill Tshirt

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Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Healthcare Bill TshirtDon’t know about kids outside the USA, but in the US we were exposed on Saturday mornings to little blurbs between cartoons called School House Rock.

These little ditties taught me the different between an adjective and an adverb, what the preamble to the US Constitution is and one of my favorites, was Bill.  It told the story of how a bill becomes a law on Capit0l Hill.

Unfortunately many bad bills get made into law and many good bills sit forever never becoming law.  No matter which side of the healthcare debate you are on, you might enjoy the latest tshirt from  It shows “BILL” beaten down and depressed because he is the “Healthcare Bill”.

Those of you who remember School House Rock…what was your favorite???

Bearman Cartoon: Harry Reid

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For my out of country readers a little background on the editorial cartoon below.

– President Obama wants a Healthcare Reform Bill passed
– Many Republicans and some moderate Dems don’t want to include a so called Public Option (whereby people can buy insurance from the government) for fear of the long term costs.
– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced a version of the Healthcare Bill that includes a State by State opt out solution. This caused Olympia Snowe, the lone Republican who supported the commitee plan to publicly back out of her support as well as some others.

The biggest issue IMO is that the two largest areas of concern are those who want insurance who can’t get it at a reasonable rate and those who can’t withstand a major catastrophe. Now I am not economist but couldn’t the government put out a bid much like a large company for insurance companies to offer them group rates. Individuals without a company plan could get this corporate rate rather than expensive COBRA or the like. Then the government could offer a “public option” to those wanting catastrophic insurance such that it would kick in when medical bills reached a certain percent of yearly gross income.

10 27 09 Bearman Cartoon Great Pumpkin Reid

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Bearman Cartoon: Blue Dog Dems

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I had never heard the term Blue Dog Democrats used so much until recently.  You would think with a Democratic President and Congress, that anything the President wanted could easily pass.  It seems while President Obama wants to rush through Healthcare reform this group of moderate, fiscal conservative Democrats may be the ones standing in the way as they want any reform to not be a drain on the taxpayers or on the deficit. Thoughts?

7 22 09 Bearman Cartoon Bad Blue Dog

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