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Addanac City Christmas Cartoon

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So my friend George over at Addanac City Cartoon has been doing a story arc about Christmas. He promised on Christmas Day to have a “gigantic” 24 panel cartoon and even posted a teaser. 

Here was our back and forth on his blog:

Bearman:  I have now successfully blown up your Christmas Day cartoon and posted it early on my site. HA HA HA..  I feel like the guy that sells DVDs of movies that haven’t even come out yet. 
George: You bootleggers and your fancy contraptions. You got a free visit from me just checking to see if you did so. 😀 .  You sneaky sonuvagun. 🙂
Bearman:  I don’t want to get missed in your rounds so I need to be sneaky that way. 
George: Actually, that was pretty ingenious of you. 😀 

Well to really screw with George, I thought, why not just go ahead and do it.

Below you will see the image that George posted.  Click on the smaller image to see the Addanac City Christmas spectacular enlarged in all its glory a day earlier than what you will see on his site.

Addanac City – Hank at 100

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George Ford of Addanac City was one of the first Webcomic artists to find me on the internet and actually comment on my stuff.  Addanac City is all about Hank Addanac and the loons that surround him.  George describes Hank as “one kid who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Nearly every day, you can find Hank in hot water with his family, friends, and school officials.  Hank has no respect for authority whatsoever. He’s that kid you love to hate and hate to love.”

Some tend to compare Hank to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes but I tend to think he is more like Dennis the Menace because he is oblivious to the mayhem he causes.  However Hank is Dennis with some actual Cojones.  You can follow George via Twitter as well.

Thanks for the funny George!

Hank Addanac at 100

AC at 100 final

Come back in 2 days for another new guest cartoon from Spilled Ink!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)

Guest Cartoon Addanac City

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Speaking of Guest Cartoons, my guest cartoon for George Ford at Addanac City is up today. Go check it out.

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Bearman Cartoon: Mannequin Revisited

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I am nothing if I don’t listen to my fan base. The other day I posted a cartoon about the Mannequin controversy at KT’s Barbecue in Cincinnati. Well according to George, Myra, and Ram, my choice of being modest and not drawing nipples would not go unnoticed. (Update: Add Robert J to the list of original requesters.)

And George thought it would have been funny if some kid erased the “M” off “Mass” to make it say “Ass”. I could only think of one kid who could be responsible. George Ford’s own Hank Addanac at AddanacCity.

So for all of you I give you the revamped toon.

5 15 09 Bearman Cartoon Mannequin2 copy

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New Cartoon Wednesday

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Don’t have a new one myself but some of my favorite “undiscovered” cartoonists have new toons up that you should check out.

Addanac City – A comic strip about Hank Addanac (part Dennis the Menace, part Bart Simpson, part Michael Meyers).

Calamities of Nature – when animals talk, people listen. (even though he was on the front page of Digg yesterday, I’ll still put him in here)

Life with Kreg – if Jeff Spicoli were a teenager today.

Spud Comics – The Far Side without the Cows

The Frustrated Cartoonist – Mad Magazine contibutor.  Part webcomic, part diary.

And while not a cartoonist herself, The Daily Uplift, has an hilarious animated commercial for Bontrust Bank.  You have to wait for it though.

Anyone else a cartoonist that people should check out. Put it in the comments section.


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