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Sarah Palin’s Hand

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2 9 10 Bearman Cartoon Sarah Palins Hand

I questioned myself as I thought of and drew this editorial cartoon.  Even now I understand the impact of the word “retard” or “retarded” but I don’t know if I am offended by every usage of it as others.  First some background.

Former Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to make news this month.  This week she was a keynote speaker at the Tea Party Convention.   During a Q&A discussion she could be seen checking out notes written on her hand.

And last week she called out President Obama to fire Chief of Stafe Rahm Emanuel for saying that some liberal activists are “fucking retards”  Yet when Chris Wallace confronted her about Rush Limbaugh’s similar use, she blew it off as satire.  So when someone uses the word “retard” or “retarded” in jest it is OK.  HUH??

As someone with a close relative who has Downs Syndrome, I would have to be restrained if someone called her a retard.  But I don’t have the same visceral response if someone called me it or my ideas retarded.  So as I say, I struggle with whether or not “retarded” should be avoided in all speech. 

For those who have an issue with using “retarded”, do you have similar issues with words like “idiot”, “moron” or “imbecile”??  If not, why not??  All of those words were used as IQ categories before the term “mentally retardation”  We now use terms such as “special” and “developmentally disabled”.  In 25 years, will those too be considered bad?

What is your opinion??

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