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Calamities of Nature Guest Cartoon

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I just realized that I never did post my guest cartoon I did for Tony Piro over at Calamities of Nature.  Don’t be fooled by my schlock.  Tony does great work.  Check him out.


Guest Cartoon: Frustrated Cartoonist

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While you are anxiously awaiting Thursday…check out Nate Fakes site.  I did a guest cartoon because I knew this was going to be a busy week for him.  Recovering from a turning 30 hangover can take a while.

Bearman Cartoon: Zorphbert and Fred

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I realized I never did post my guest cartoon for Zorphbert and Fred so here it is:

7 7 09 Bearman Cartoon Zorphbert&Fred copy

And it looks like Dawn actually wants people to vote on their toons. So go check out the voting. You can hit the previous button to view all the guest toons. My fav is Coppertone Girl so please don’t feel obligated to vote for me, unless you are related and then you better.

Guest Editorial Cartoon: Agent_X

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So just this week I announce that I am looking for webcomics creators to draw what their characters will look like at age 100 and already I have entries from George and Byron (be careful when going to their sites as these guys tend to like to draw protruding nipples).  Remember those interested get to me by August 15.

I also put out an ongoing call to anyone who wanted to submit an editorial/pop culture cartoon and I got my first submission from Agent-X Comics.  This site is full of single panel  gag cartoons that tend to poke fun at social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc) and their users. He is probably most known for this hilarious toon:

So without further ado along the lines of what he is known for with an editorial bent, I give you the first guest editorial cartoon.

Agent_X Guest Cartoon 7 24 09

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Guest Cartoon: Zorphbert and Fred

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Quick post b/c I saw it’s up today.  Check out my guest cartoon at Dawn Griffin’s hilarious webcomic Zorphbert and Fred.  It’s about two aliens who disguise themselves as dogs.  She asked for guest cartoons to show what they really looked like.  Of course I had to oblige.

Call for Cartoonists

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I am putting out a general call and a specific one to anyone with the desire to have their work seen here for all my tens of readers.

First the specific call.  I am going to be doing a work project that will keep me busy as hell starting late August for about a month, so my own postings will be sporadic.  There are those who get mad when I go two days without posting something so I thought I would put it out there as a challenge to all of you with a webcomic.  You may have seen my post titled Bearman at 100 and I would like to put out a similar challenge.

Cartoon Challenge: What will your comic character look like at age 100? 

Don’t cheat and draw them dead.  It can either be in strip form, single panel or just artwork.  Just keep the width to under 550 pixels.  I’d like to get the majority of them by August 15 so I can pre publish them and have them show up every 2-3 days.

You can either load them to your images and send me a URL to link to the image or email me the image.  Either way send to BearmanCartoons (at)  Also if you have a link to a web banner that you would like me to include with the post, send that as well.  Make sure to include your name and a little description of your webcomic.

The second call is to anyone ongoing who wants to do a editorial guest cartoon.  My focus is on politics and pop culture.  While I am pretty open about what I will include, I won’t publish anything I deem inappropriate.


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George Ford of Addanac City Guest Cartoon

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A few weeks ago I highlighted the work of George Ford and showcased the guest cartoon I did for his cartoon strip Addanac City.  Instead of his strip style, I used my typical editorial cartoon style.

George has returned the favor by creating an editorial cartoon for me in his style and using his main character Hank.  I love it.  I can just see Madoff trying to reclaim his fortune by acting like one of those “royal monarchs” that everyone gets spammed with.

George is letting me post it here first before he posts it on his site so go check out his stuff as he is now updating his cartoons SEVEN days a week.  I give him a month before he burns out. (j/k George).

Also be sure to check out George’s Addanac City blog as it has different stuff than the main site (one day he will figure out how to meld the two or I’ll figure it out and be able to tell him but he is more web literate than I so I doubt it)

Click on the picture to get it bigger or you can probably see it bigger on the AC site.

Bearman AC guest strip by George