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Halloween Candy Bags

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So of course my favorite pagan Holiday is almost upon us.  Thought I would highlight a couple different Halloween designs this month available at  So if you want your kid to have a candy bag that isn’t one of those fancy store bought kind, take a look at our crap. (Also available on tshirts of course)

What ever happened to the days when we were growing up that you just used a pillow case?

Bearman Made Famous in Words

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Many of my cartoonist friends brag when their cartoon character ends up with a guest appearance in another artist’s cartoon.  Well I don’t have characters (besides I could never draw the same one twice if I tried).

Then I realized that I am a character.  And much like David Hasselhoff, my appeal is stronger overseas than in America.  It became clearer when I got an email from DuncanR of UK who posts frequently at the Madhatters that he has immortalized me in a short story.  In fact many of the regular posters of Madhatters are in it.  Go read it here.

Now I don’t appear until page two but this is how I am introduced:

At this point, a big fellow, by the name of Bearman – braver or more foolish than most – spoke up.

‘Call yourselves men. You’se are just a bunch of Jessies. There’s no such thing as ghosts. Once you’re dead, you’re dead. And that’s that! It’s only imagination, or drink, that makes you see ghosts’

‘If you’re so hard’, said a voice from the crowd. ‘Why don’t you go into the Wailing Wood and bring us back the cap from that cattle thief we hanged today?’

‘Bugger the cap’, said Bearman. ‘I’ll bring back the firkin head!’ So saying, he pulled on a big pair of boots, tucked a bottle (to keep out the cold) into his pocket and strode from the castle.

“Braver or more foolish” would tend to be how many would describe me.  Now I admit while I knew what bugger was, I had to pull out my English to English dictionary to figure out what a Jessie is.

So go check it out now so you can say you were one of the first as soon my popularity will increase to the point that they will be making movies about me.


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Bearman Cartoon: Giving out Stocks instead of Candy on Halloween

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This editorial cartoon by Bearman appeared at the website on October 27, 2008.  It depicts a man giving out stock certificates instead of candy to kids due to the cheaper price in the current economic recession.