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Blambot Fonts

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , on January 16, 2010 by bearmancartoons

Anyone that gets a new computer tends to have Comic Sans as one of the font choices.  There has been so much backlash against the font that there are now sites devoted to bashing it.  I went through a couple font choices the past few years.  My most recent font choice was Kristen ITC.  This year with a new logo update, I figured it was time to update my cartoon font choice.

There are plenty of poorly done free fonts and professional fonts that cost a fortune.  Then I was turned onto Blambot Fonts.  If you are a cartoonist starting out these are professional fonts with a very reasonable price. 

In my logo I am using Warmonger and Whoopass.  And I have been trying out Digital Strip in the cartoons to see if it fits with my style.  That is the great thing about Blambot.  Half the fonts are free to use for personal publishing and small press publishing.   If some big name publisher wants to pick up Bearman Cartoons, I would happily write a check for the free fonts I have. (I think they need a donate button anyway for people who want to show their appreciation).

Even better is that Nate Pieko, the creator of Blambot, is in the comic industry working as a letterer, designer and illustrator.  So if you get a chance and need a new look like I did, check them out.