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Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN

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Daryl Cagle has coined the term “Yahtzee” to refer to when 5 or more editorial cartoonists do the same gag. One he has ragged on in the past is using the “I’m with stupid” shirts on a cartoon. I have no idea who he is referring to..he he. In honor of that, I like to coin my own new phrase “Blue Ribbon.” When a cartoonist is the first to latch onto a new topic.

I did a 20 second search of google and haven’t found anything poking fun at the next set of conspiracy theory doomsday predictors – 2012. I saw the movie trailer this past week and thought it was well done. Then I made a trip to the bookstore and noticed all the books on the subject (even one that is a How To Survive 2012 book).

The basic gist is that there is a belief that because the Mayan calendar ends in December of 2012 that somehow they predicted the end of the world. One theory is that we will have a major catastrophe caused by the shifting of the North and South poles. I have even heard Nostradamus’ name thrown out. Didn’t he predict the end of days before during the turn of the century…didn’t come true. Sadly I think this will become worse than Y2K.

So if you see a 2012 editorial cartoon online somewhere that was published before mine, let me know and I’ll gladly hand over my Blue Ribbon.

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