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Vanity License Plate using Photoshop

Posted in Cool Stuff on December 9, 2009 by bearmancartoons

So I am doing some remodeling and one of the things I was never happy with were my social links at the bottom. Here they are for your enjoyment one last time.


I thought about something that was more consistent. I played around with a bunch of different options and then I found a cool tutorial from PSHERO that shows you how to use Photoshop (George) to create your own Vanity License Plate. I thought it would be cool to test it out for a while as my social bookmark links.

Here is what I came up with. (Does lose something when you decrease the size but I’ll keep it until I come up with something new)

Please Click Here to Tweet This Blog PostPLEASE CLICK HERE TO DIGG THIS POSTPlease Click Here to Add Blog Entry to StumbleUpon

Now the questions are:

1. Do you ever actually click on anyone’s (mine especially) social bookmark links?
2. For my cartoons I tend to put these three Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon as the highlighted bookmarks and then use a tool called GetSocial (great for users) to put the bar at the bottom with a whole bunch. If you are prone to click on social bookmark links are there some you tend to use more than others? (ie facebook)?
3.  Are the new ones too big or in your face??

Skin It

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , on November 22, 2009 by bearmancartoons

No this has nothing to do with cats.  I got an email from photobucket that was promoting a website called “Skin It” 

It seems that with everyone but me owning an iphone there can be some confusion as to which one an individual owns during any iphone melee.  Skin it provides many different adhesive designs that you can use to customize your iphone, bender guitar, computer etc etc.   The problem I guess is when every sixteen year old girl has the Twilight skin on their phone so we are back to the original problem of identification.

However they let you customize your skins as well.  I played around with the customization for a while and found it to be a little lacking in its ease of use when trying to adjust an image or add multiple images to a design.  But I am sure George Ford will have fun putting Hanks face  on a ultrasound device (yes they have those too.)

She has my Vote!!

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , , on November 19, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Over the last year, I have found many webcomic comrades via twitter and others blog rolls.  It is rare though that I find someone else who does editorial cartoons and blogs as well.  Alex Raffi is a Nevada illustrator and editorial cartoonist.   Check out his site for some great stuff. 

The post that really caught my attention as of late was this video he posted of his daughter Elli describing the things she would do to fix the world if she were President.

Only 29 more years Elli and you’ll get my vote.

Win a WackSack T-shirt or Tote

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , , on October 21, 2009 by bearmancartoons

Want to help Midwest Mom promote the redesign of Hmm-Sweet-Splendid Wisdom?  Go to her site and follow the instructions.  In cooperation with the board of directors of we are donating a free t-shirt or tote bag for the cause that she is giving away.  So get on over there.

Help make Marie Flanders the Newest Character on the Simpsons

Posted in Cool Stuff with tags , , , , , , on October 17, 2009 by bearmancartoons

So Fox Broadcasting and The Simpsons television show are having a contest for the next few weeks looking for submissions to create the newest character in Springfield. I entered some basic information for my character assuming that when I hit next, I would be able to flesh out the character. Much to my dismay, I was not and unfortunately you are only allowed to enter once.

So I need your help promoting Marie Flanders on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc etc. so hopefully the powers that be at the Simpsons Production Office will take notice and make sure to give Marie a second look.

While not part of the submission I took the liberty of drawing Marie so you have a visual.

  Marie Flanders on The Simpsons

 Here is the info requested by the Site:

Name:  Marie Flanders
Known Aliases:  Mary Jane
Age: 76 (now you may be wondering why the woman in the picture above doesn’t look 76.  Remember that Ned is actually 60 but looks 40 so it is perfectly OK for his 76 year old mother to look 50.)
Occupation, if Any:  Retired VW Car Dealer
Sex, if any:  Female (of course I resisted saying ‘Yes Please’ to respond to this.)
Hair Color:  Gray (or Grey for all my overseas friends)
Body Type:  Voluptuous (more like a Jayne Mansfield type rather than heavy)
Blood Type:  A-  (she used to be an A+ but has been slipping in her old age a bit)
Distinguishing Features:  Chest, Hips and Long Hair
Last Seen:  Boarding a bus to a monastery to have her child Ned
Last Heard:  Yelling “you’ll never see me again” to her parents
Known Catchphrase:  Stuff It!, Peachy-Keen

Now after this they tell you to click next and I assume that I will be taken to a second page that allows me to input a more detailed description of who Marie Flanders is and why she would be a great addition.  However all it had was the typical name, email entry info.


First a little background on who Ned Flanders believes are his parents.  According to Wikia (not wikipedia)

Mona Flanders is the mother of Ned Flanders and the wife of Nedward Flanders Sr. She is a beatnik. She is seen in the episodes “Lisa’s First Word” when Ned introduces “Grandma Flanders”, where she is visibly aged and senile. A much younger Mona Flanders is seen in “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Badasssss Song” when Ned has a flashback about his parents and Hurricane Neddy when she and her husband bring Ned to Dr. Foster. She is also referred to in “Lisa’s Date With Density”. It is assumed that by the normal Simpsons timeline that Mona Flanders, along with her husband Ned Flanders Senior, is deceased, likely due to her extreme old age.

Now the real story is that Mona is Ned’s Maternal Grandmother.  Nedward and Mona brought up their daughter Marie in a strict household.  Marie was a rebel and fought back at her parents the only way she knew how – she got knocked up at 16.  Furious and to escape ridicule of the neighbors, her parents sent her to a monastery until Ned was born.  Marie swore that if her parents put her on the bus, her parents would never see her again and after Ned’s birth he was returned to Mona and Nedward sans Marie.

Upset with losing their daughter, Mona and Nedward swore off their strict ways and turned into the most liberal of parents of young Ned (thus leading to the description above).

Marie lived up to her oath that her parents would never see her again.  Only after their death does she turn up in Springfield to surprise Ned that his mother is indeed alive and she moves in with Ned and his family.

 More on Marie.

Marie is an agnostic libertarian.  She abhors any authority figure whether it be a boss, the government or the church.  A direct reflection of the rebelling that happened as a teenager.  However she is not against using her brains (and her body) to get what she needs.  Mr Burns, Moe, Grandpa Simpson, and Duff Man all become potential love interests but only as much as Marie needs them for something.  Even Bart falls for Marie seeing an older kindred spirit who would just assume tell authority figures to “Stuff It” rather than do what they want.

I see big things for Marie in Springfield for a long time.  So help me out.  Hit one of the buttons (or several below)  Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook and spread the word about Marie.   Maybe the executives at The Simpsons or Fox will be inclined to visit.

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