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I’m Just a Healthcare Bill Tshirt

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Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Healthcare Bill TshirtDon’t know about kids outside the USA, but in the US we were exposed on Saturday mornings to little blurbs between cartoons called School House Rock.

These little ditties taught me the different between an adjective and an adverb, what the preamble to the US Constitution is and one of my favorites, was Bill.  It told the story of how a bill becomes a law on Capit0l Hill.

Unfortunately many bad bills get made into law and many good bills sit forever never becoming law.  No matter which side of the healthcare debate you are on, you might enjoy the latest tshirt from  It shows “BILL” beaten down and depressed because he is the “Healthcare Bill”.

Those of you who remember School House Rock…what was your favorite???

Free Political Characters Icon Set

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I was going to name this post “Funny you don’t look Il” but I figured there is only one person that would appreciate it. 

Hongkiat has worked out a deal with IconShock to give away a free set of eight different Political Characters including the above Kim Jong-il, President Obama, Hugo Chavez among others.  Click on the pic above or here to go directly to Hongkiat to download.

So Kim Jong fans and political junkies have at it.

Blambot Fonts

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Anyone that gets a new computer tends to have Comic Sans as one of the font choices.  There has been so much backlash against the font that there are now sites devoted to bashing it.  I went through a couple font choices the past few years.  My most recent font choice was Kristen ITC.  This year with a new logo update, I figured it was time to update my cartoon font choice.

There are plenty of poorly done free fonts and professional fonts that cost a fortune.  Then I was turned onto Blambot Fonts.  If you are a cartoonist starting out these are professional fonts with a very reasonable price. 

In my logo I am using Warmonger and Whoopass.  And I have been trying out Digital Strip in the cartoons to see if it fits with my style.  That is the great thing about Blambot.  Half the fonts are free to use for personal publishing and small press publishing.   If some big name publisher wants to pick up Bearman Cartoons, I would happily write a check for the free fonts I have. (I think they need a donate button anyway for people who want to show their appreciation).

Even better is that Nate Pieko, the creator of Blambot, is in the comic industry working as a letterer, designer and illustrator.  So if you get a chance and need a new look like I did, check them out.

Team Conan or Team Jay Tshirts

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Cafepress in their infinite wisdom has decided to mark the Team Conan shirt image as being reviewed to ensure it meets their Content Usage Policy. So unfortunately anyone who actually likes the shirt won’t be able to buy it until they clear it. Clicking on the Conan Shirt will give a screen that doesn’t show any products. I’ll update when I hear.

UPDATE 2:  The shirts are now avaialable on Zazzle.  Click the image to go to their site.  I like the color options of Zazzle and the layout so I may move my entire shop there.

No updates to tshirts designs at in months and now two in as many days. Click the images to go to their respective sections.

Forget the Team Edward and Team What’s His Name from Twilight. The real war of 2010 will be between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Whose side will you be on?

Personally I think they both got screwed. But I would have liked to have seen Jay’s move to 7PM ET as I think it would have been solid cross programming to the game and entertainment news shows that are on at that time. But once again who listens to me?

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Addanac City Christmas Cartoon

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So my friend George over at Addanac City Cartoon has been doing a story arc about Christmas. He promised on Christmas Day to have a “gigantic” 24 panel cartoon and even posted a teaser. 

Here was our back and forth on his blog:

Bearman:  I have now successfully blown up your Christmas Day cartoon and posted it early on my site. HA HA HA..  I feel like the guy that sells DVDs of movies that haven’t even come out yet. 
George: You bootleggers and your fancy contraptions. You got a free visit from me just checking to see if you did so. 😀 .  You sneaky sonuvagun. 🙂
Bearman:  I don’t want to get missed in your rounds so I need to be sneaky that way. 
George: Actually, that was pretty ingenious of you. 😀 

Well to really screw with George, I thought, why not just go ahead and do it.

Below you will see the image that George posted.  Click on the smaller image to see the Addanac City Christmas spectacular enlarged in all its glory a day earlier than what you will see on his site.