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We don’t live here Anymore

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What are you doing here? Bearman Cartoons has moved. Find us at

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Calamities of Nature Guest Cartoon

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I just realized that I never did post my guest cartoon I did for Tony Piro over at Calamities of Nature.  Don’t be fooled by my schlock.  Tony does great work.  Check him out.

Blue Hippy Cats Avatar Review

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Looks like our friends Corve and Jordasche have some competition in the movie reviewing business.

This video by what seems to be one kid using motion capture imaging software (much like what was used in the real Avatar) is making the rounds on YouTube. No way this was one guy doing this but I can see the technology being there soon where people could make their own Avatar in the comfort of their living room. But I am sure before we consumers get use of the technology some porn director will make a real “Blue Movie” using it.

Hat tip: Cartoon Brew

What smells

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3 1 10 Bearman Cartoon Cannabis Skunk Hallucinations

New “duh” story about cannabis.  People who smoke alot are more likely to have hallucinations.  Study out of London says,

Young people who smoke cannabis or marijuana for six years or more are twice as likely to have psychotic episodes, hallucinations or delusions than people who have never used the drug, scientists said on Monday.

I must be so far removed from people I knew that used heavy drugs that I learned a new term.  “Skunk”  Seems this is a more potent form of the drug in its purest form which makes the above affects seven times more likely than your normal everyday pot.