Scott Brown and Abortion Cartoon

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It is interesting how often political party members get into a tizzy when one of their own doesn’t go along with the party line on every single issue.  Not that it ever was a secret but now it is out in the news that Scott Brown, the Republican who won Ted Kennedy’s Senatorial seat, is not a pro-life senator.  He believes the government should stay out of the debate (with the exception of late-term abortions) and shouldn’t provide federal funds to support it.

Are Republicans who looked at this guy as a savior now going to backtrack?  The problem Republicans are having is their small tent litmus test mentality that says you have to fit into every category to call yourself a Republican.  At least on the surface I like the fact that Brown is trying to open the doors of the tent a little wider.

Fiscally I lean to the right and socially to the left.  As I have said before I want the Conservatives to stay out of my pants and the liberals to stay out of my wallet.
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47 Responses to “Scott Brown and Abortion Cartoon”

  1. I think Politicians should reflect their constituents (majority) not some ideal based on history.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot more about Scott Brown lately… Isn’t he the guy from Charles in Charge? Or am I thinking of that guy from Quantum Leap? 😛

    But seriously, the GOP had to know what was coming. You can’t just get elected on a single issue and expect to last.

  3. tracybradycartoons Says:

    Scott Brown.. the guy whose an Idependublican .. with a big mouth and all the power of the Senate. yikes.

  4. The elephant looks a little skinny.
    Are the Republicans on a diet?

  5. Well I reckon if I was any more right wing I would fall completely off the bird and when people find this out a lot of times they don’t won’t to be my friend anymore. Where is the tolerence for us conservatives?

    • I think there has to be tolerance all around. If you ask people if they think Healthcare needs to be reformed most will say yes no matter their political spectrum. But rather than come to agreement on some things that both sides feel can be improved, lines are drawn in the sand and there is no honest discussion or compromise.

  6. I wonder how many of the “ten commandments” of the republican party he broke? Bad, Brown, bad . . .

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    I think this sort of thing happens on both sides of the isle … there are a lot of Democrats who don’t have much love for Joe Lieberman, for example.

    Also I usually don’t have to worry about anyone digging though my wallet … it’s notoriously light! 😉

  8. I give Brown four years before he starts a third party…. it will be spear headed by the tea party movement…. just wait.

  9. Idependublican, Love the new word. Yeah it seems to be an all or nothing mentality. You elect a person not a robot. Unless you are talking about Bobby Jindal he’s definitely a robot.

  10. all of them just need to start thinking outside the tiny boxes that they stick themselves into.

  11. frigginloon Says:

    Has that elephant got an ingrown toe nail? I’m just sayin 🙂

  12. You hit the nail on the head. That’s both boring and a cliche, so forgive me.

  13. YAH!! I agree!! And refreshing to hear that Scott Brown is pro-choice! Took a breather from the news so missed it! Thanks for enlightening!

  14. Hey look Bear, you have a REAL person for once! LoL!

  15. I believe that anyone associated with a party can have differing opinions. We’re not all automatons. We can agree on one aspect and disagree on another. It’s ok.

  16. Yeah, toe it or throw it.

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