Come on Over to My iPad

1 29 10 Bearman Cartoon Apple Ipad Sanitary Napkin

With all the talk about iPad, Apple’s new tablet, there have been those who are disappointed with the final result.  Cartoonists like myself bemoan not being able to actually draw our stuff on it.  Others wonder if it is advertised to show movies, then why no DVD player (answer I tend to hear is battery power).  Do you care?  You getting one?  I know all the reasons people don’t want one.  What are the reasons you do want one?

BTW…looks like Stalebacon cartoons also was thinking along the same lines as I was that calling it an  iPad just sends a confusing message.

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58 Responses to “Come on Over to My iPad”

  1. Looks like you and MadTV are on the same wave length:

  2. I’m not getting one, but I’ll pretend to care… 😛

  3. Haha! Oh god that is GOLD!

  4. Wow… love the cartoon but I must say that the video from FJ blows me away! What about us menopausal types who no longer need the pad?????
    guess I’ll stick with my PC.

  5. Blahahaah no strings attached 🙂 . I heard you can get them with or without wings 😦

  6. tracybradycartoons Says:

    How did she get it fit there? No. Wait. Actually. I don’t want to know.

    Seriously. I don’t.

  7. What?? You can’t draw on it? I assumed that was one of the points of the iPad, to compete with the Cintiq (I haven’t watched the video). I was thinking of getting one just for editing my art in Photoshop. What’s the point of this thing?

    • I am with you. I thought for sure I could load PS on it and have at it. Then I might actually be able to spend time with the other half while drawing.

      I heard there are supposed to be some drawing aps for it. But then I would have to draw it on the ipad and still export it to PS to finish.

      Is it too hard to ask for a Cintiq with an internal processor????

  8. Ya’ll gettin’ way over my head here. The reason I don’t get lots of stuff is if that I can’t afford it and if I got it I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I have enough expensive doorstops and paperweights as it is.

  9. Freaking outrageous. Funny stuff.

  10. OMG, that sort of pad!

  11. i still say a decent Olivetti typewriter and a number 3 pencil is all anyone really needs.

  12. Yeah, this thing is of no interest to me. Now, if there was a Microsoft Maxi out there, well….

  13. i can’t believe all the publicity and jokes stemming from this!! amazing!

  14. It always pays to read the instuction first.

  15. Combine the Ipad with Wii controller functions and a whole new generation of perverts will explode onto the scene. Tennis anyone?

  16. WTF was Apple thinking?
    “Well, it’s a pad, and we’ve got to put ‘i’ in front of it because we put ‘i’ in front of everything.”
    They could have used anything besides ‘pad’ though.

    Out of all the options they could select from, they picked iPad?
    This does not instill confidence in the Marketing division.
    I bet you someone is getting the shaft.
    Maybe the iShaft.

    • I am thinking someone else caught onto their plans and trademarked iTablet but I think iTab would be better. I think I would like to be confused with an old diet drink than a maxi.

  17. oh man….. oh noooooooo………

  18. Susi Spice Says:

    i am by no means a computer literate person as you well know. i wont be hacking into any planetary computer systems soon BUT i had a look at this TamPad by apple and i cant see how i would use it, it is too simplistic and too big for my liking. i cant fit in my bag

  19. That was the funniest Bearman Cartoons yet! I could not stop laughing at it. Great job, yo! 😀


  21. Great for those Geeky girls that are pre puberty 🙂

  22. Funny stuff, Bearman.

    Personally, I think I’ll wait for the “Ipad with wings” to come out…

  23. lol oh no….

    Why are people doing this to the new IPAD…….lol
    How did that lady get it up tho

  24. Very funny…. keep it up!

  25. naw i’m not getting one, i’m a pc gal myself. have you ever noticed how people (i call them i-Snobs) are always thinking of new ways to bring up the fact that they have an i-Phone?

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