Bearman Cartoon: Russian Vodka Price Jump

I hope my Russian friends got their drink on for New Years because new government regulations have set the minimum price for Vodka at almost twice the previous going rate.  Part of this crack down was to not only target rampant alcoholism in Mother Russia but also to curb Vodka bootleggers who have captured 50% of the market.

Please tell me how raising the price of Vodka will curb bootleggers.  Won’t they up their production?  Or am I missing something?

1 2 10 Bearman Cartoon Russian Vodka


40 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Russian Vodka Price Jump”

  1. What I wouldn’t give to see Natasha stomping on grapes. Sigh….

    At least The Moose will be safe now cuz Boris is gonna make a fortune with that liquor. 🙂

    • He seemed like the perfect Russian Bootlegger. I originally had just a guy in a big coat with a furry hat but it didn’t project well that he was the nefarious one. This drove it home.

  2. The bootleggers always have the good sales on things. I’d stick with them

    • Read the article. They said they were forced previously when restricting when people could buy alcohol to also ban perfume sales during the same time b/c people were just buying that and drinking it.

  3. Cripes! That’s like hiking the price of hockey pucks or donuts in Canada!!

  4. Good one Bearman What a cool way to put a new spin on a Classic Cartoon 🙂

  5. So that’s why Natasha ‘stick’ around Boris … Vodka goggles!
    I LOVE this one, Bearman – one of my all time favorite characters, too! 🙂

  6. Awesome. Would’ve also liked to see Natasha somewhere. Or instead of Boris, maybe an old rundown Drago from Rocky IV making his living selling bootleg booze.

    I don’t think the president needs to worry about cutting Russia’s drinking problem by a quarter by 2012. By then, there won’t be any drinking, ’cause we’ll all be dead. Dead people can’t drink. 😦

  7. Boris looks like he might be tempted to pee in the home brew

  8. I have been to Russia and Vodka was my only food source. I had the bootlegged stuff and despite it tasting like jet fuel, it kept me warm for weeks . And NO it wasn’t because I kept peeing 🙂

  9. one of my old favs thanks for bringing it back for me…. you are the best!!


  11. What is the difference between “bootleg vodka” and “poteen”?

    Nothing after the first glassful…

  12. “Sometimes, it’s not so easy being Fearless Leader.”

  13. Wonderful Boris is perfect. I’ve eaten Russian food and lived to see another day. On a ‘cruise’ there a few years ago I participated Ina vodka taste contest and won a bottle of vodka which I preceded to drink, sharing some. No headache the next morning! Of course it was not bootleg stuff. Unlike my first experience with Soviet vodka in the winter of ’74 when I got drunk and tried to get in the Neva river. That gave me a nasty hangover

  14. Considering the political machine in Russia IS the bootleggers and their offshoots, it only makes sense they should raise the price of the store-bought stuff. Good business sense 🙂

  15. There’s another Government idea to raise revenue….

    Boy thoses guys are smart… NOT!

    You know it really doesn’t matter which country you look at, the leadership comes up lame!

    I’ll put away my soap box….. sorry…

  16. Looks like Boris will have a good new year.

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