Retro Cartoon – Merry F You

Posted this last year before I had anyone actually visiting.  It is actually the first editorial cartoon I did way back in December of 2005. 

Thought it would be a good tie in to my Editorial Cartoon Caption Contest.  Still time today to get your entries in.

Bearman Cartoon: Happy Holidays


33 Responses to “Retro Cartoon – Merry F You”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    Ah! Seldom is found a schpeel that the good ‘ol F-bomb can’t improve upon! 🙂

  2. That says it all! 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’d say that about says it all! 😀

  4. Seen it. 😛 Pretty sure I read through your entire archives once.

  5. Ahh… must have liked my suggestion!

  6. I completely feel his pain

  7. AH the whole Christmas-censorship thing is a sore spot for me. I can’t stand when I see boxes of “Holiday lights” and a sale on “Holiday Trees” and “Holiday ornaments.” There are no Hannukah trees! There are no Kwanzaa lights! It’s a Christmas tree! Christmas lights! UGH.

    • Back away from the “Holiday Tinsel” and grab some “Holiday Egg Nog”. It will be OK as long as you find someone to kiss you under the “Holiday Plant that Hangs over your head and someone should kiss you because of it”

  8. I’m sorry that I was not aware of you when this first came out. I’m truly happy that you bring these webcomics to the web Thank you for the laughter 🙂

  9. You must have been shy and modest in those days…I notice you strategically placed her name tag over her boob! Gone are those days Bearman 🙂

  10. GADDAMIT, You better not let Santa hear you cursing!

  11. Anymore, I think all you’re allowed to do is stare at the floor and mumble “Thank you” in a monotonic manner.

  12. Could always go with the old standby, Have a nice day, except that’s already been claimed for the rest of the year. Just so complicated. Love the cartoon.

  13. I’m glad you branched out into colour!

  14. Awesome. I would have gone with “F@#k you very much,” at the end, but this works too.

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