Neil Diamond – Hanukkah Song

Seeing as how everyone seems to cover every Christmas song there is, I found this cover song of one of the few Hanukkah songs.  Neil Diamond doing Adam Sandler’s song.

I post this both to wish all my Jewish friends including the Bean a Happy Hanukkah and more importantly to piss off my friend Brit who abhors Neil.  Blasphemy I say.

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41 Responses to “Neil Diamond – Hanukkah Song”

  1. Wow… He took something I hate and made it worse

  2. I’m not a Neil Diamond fan either 😦

  3. Rock on, Neil!! (I never particularly liked him either). Thank you Bear for this beautiful tune. 🙄

  4. What is up with all the Neil hate?

  5. Susi Spice Says:

    baaahahhaha Brit is gonna love this.

    I think its great!!! hahhaa it was hella funika! haha

  6. hahaha! That is great stuff. I can’t bash Neil Diamond. My mom was a big fan, so I kind of grew up listening to a LOT of those songs. 😀

  7. This song makes “Oh Holy Schytt” sound like…

    Well, you know.

    HilarityX10 Bearman!

  8. Neil Diamond is right up there with clowns…creepy.

  9. Saw Neil live in San Diego once. Great concert.

  10. i didnt know he was still alive.

    jammer!! welcome back!! hope ur having a great recovery 😀

  11. Hahaha! I think I like Neil Diamond a little bit more now. Thanks, Bearman!

  12. spilledinkguy Says:

    I remember digging this when I saw Adam Sandler do it Live on SNL years ago – or, you know, recorded from a live studio broadcast! 🙂

  13. My mama was crazy about Neil Diamond but I still liked him anyway.

  14. SIGH.

    you WOULD, wouldn’t you?

    and p.s. san diego can have neil diamond for all i care. it is a horrible place that stole my bff and i shall never set foot there as long as i live.

  15. Speaking of trasure trails…

  16. I guess I don’t understand the hype about this ’cause I’m not American, but I thought that was pretty good.

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