Pixar/Disneys UP web short

Personally I think UP should be considered for as a Best Picture nominee for this year. To promote the DVD release, someone at Disney did a very non-Disney looking web animation. When Shady Oaks drivers, George and AJ, come to pick up the old man, he flew his entire house away using helium balloons.

Here’s what happened next….

Hat tip to Drawn


28 Responses to “Pixar/Disneys UP web short”

  1. That was cute I have never seen that when does it come out on dvd?

  2. Susi Spice Says:

    hehe that is sooo cute love it! haha

  3. Why didn’t that news reporter’s lips move…kind of freaked me out 🙂

  4. I liked the scrolling newsbar.

  5. I came across that vid a week or two ago. I’m glad George and AJ’s story didn’t end when Mr Frederickson’s house flew away. And it makes me happy that the elderly people throughout the city were inspired by Mr Frederickson 🙂

  6. spilledinkguy Says:

    I will have to come back and watch this clip when my connection decides to … work. Therefore, my comment will make even LESS sense than usual!
    Ahem ahem … the masked falcon flies at midnight. 🙂

  7. Lately every time I try to leave a comment my internet connection kicks off. Are you blackballing me Bear?

    • Funny when I was traveling yesterday and trying to comment on your site explorer locked up.

      • I was able to comment on yours yesterday and today but it wouldn’t let me leave a comment on George’s site. I am a technically challenged individual and there is no one in our area who knows diddley about computers. Sometimes these things just work themselves out.

  8. Never heard of it. I guess I need to get out more.

  9. Couldnt agree more, Up was stellar!

  10. trippin’ rip will be pleased bearman. thanks for the hip.

  11. Loved it. I hadn’t seen that before. UP was great!

  12. HAHAHHA.. tiger’s wood.. absolutely appropriate!

  13. That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Bearman. Looked like an animatic to me–I wonder if they started work on this as a regularly animated short, then canned it for some reason, but preserved the animatic version for the Web…?

  14. Awesome. Loved “Up.” It will definitely snag the Oscar in the Best Animated Feature category.

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