Dawn Griffin’s New Book Out

Have a great idea for a new Bengals cartoon but it seems I have a wart on the tip of my finger. I went to the dermatologist today and he burned it with some liquid nitrogen. It now hurts like a MF. So as painful as it is to type in this post, it would be more painful to try and draw today. So thought I would give some love to a new book out for all you with little girls in your life.

Dawn Griffin who does the hilarious Zorphbert and Fred webcomic is also a published illustrator.   Her second book in the Abby’s Adventures series Dance Recital …and the Case of Ballerina-itis just came out. 

Abbys Adventures Dance Recital

The writer is a child psychologist and the series is about a six year old and the different issues regarding self-esteem for little girls.

Congrats Dawn on the book!!  And see, I didn’t make one joke about you being a Cleveland Browns fan.


33 Responses to “Dawn Griffin’s New Book Out”

  1. Dawn is a phenomenal artist and her pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Better a wart on the tip of a finger than the tip of a nose 😉

  3. Don’t know if I can relate to Abby’s Adventures though – but the art looks awesome!

  4. Does Cleveland still have a football team?

  5. susi spice Says:

    eewwww a wart on your finger!????? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  6. Abby looks like she’s having a relapse from all the drugs she took at last Saturday night’s party

  7. Do any ladies (or men to be strictly PC) have to worry about where that finger has been…

  8. Ah ha. Revenge of the Finger or- The Finger Strikes Back. If the wart was on your nose it probably wouldn’t affect your drawing unless it was big enough to block your sight. Dawn is an awsome artist. I would buy the book for my grandchild but I think he would get upset. (I hope he would.)

  9. spilledinkguy Says:

    I’ve got that proverbial left ‘feet’ thing. I do a poor to moderate roboto dance, though. 🙂

  10. Congratulations to Dawn on the book, will have to find it and check it out. I heard now this was just a rumor I hope for your sake Bearman that the Bengals are now riding a shorter yellow bus to all the games now..

  11. How’s the wart, Bearman?

  12. hope your hand feels better soon!

  13. Be a man, c’mon… it hurts like hell, momentarily!

    Actually, I’ve had a few unsightly blemishes burned off in my day.. no fun.

  14. I know I’m way late in stopping by, but THANK YOU for this post! Anything that gets the word out about Abby is terrific… it’s a great series for modern girls, with actual MORALS to boot! The writer does an excellent job ;0)

    And yes, Cleveland does still have a football team. It’s just gotten to the point where the cheerleaders could kick their butts. *hangs head in shame* At least they managed to win 3 games this year. I was betting on 1.

    Thanks again, Bearman! Hope your hand is better now.

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