Retro Cartoon: Campaign Promises

I did this editorial cartoon about 2 years ago after an election. In the states, the landscape is cluttered with yard signs that promote candidates and issues in the month leading up to the election. While the volunteers are quick to put up the signs they are slow to remove them.

Locally we have laws that say you can’t put the signs on public property, yet no one pays any attention to that because there really isn’t a penalty for violating it.

So be a good citizen and clean up your campaign yard signs, recycle them and please STOP recycling your campaign promises. I am sure the Tea Party folks would love if I had made the sign an Obama one.

11 5 07 Recycled Political Candidates copy

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48 Responses to “Retro Cartoon: Campaign Promises”

  1. This is why I just throw the signs away and forget about them, like politicians also do with their promises.

  2. still funny, two years later

  3. Campaigns should be like the game show ‘Truth or Consequences’. That way they’re FORCED to follow through – or else they get a pie or something thrown at their head (that’s my version of the show).

  4. I agree with Nate..

    Except we should let each registered voter punch them one time.

    I figure that would get the point accross….

    Well, with as thick as those politicians heads are, maybe not…

  5. There are some great ideas coming out here! Anybody feel like running for office?

  6. spilledinkguy Says:

    Bob, eh?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Ha! I love that one… and not to steal from yorksnbeans but it’s true… so true.

  8. I love those signs. Without them, I wouldn’t know who to vote for.

  9. Conjures up all sorts of images of shanty towns built from the remains of recycled promises.

  10. Nice cartoon Bearman. I hate those damned signs. What an enormous waste (and Bob won’t get my vote until he stops using “4” to mean “for.”)

  11. I still see campaign signs rotting away in people’s yards. It’s like they want fashionable credit if their guy won.

  12. Run out of colored crayons Bearman? I was a bit worried I was going colored blind ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I use them to make bird houses. Most of the political promises are for the birds anyway. You do good in black and white as well as color. (If you removed the newspaper would there be a finger pointing behind it?)

  14. Spot-on toon Bear. I glad to see that 2007 is kicking it old school.

  15. Susi Spice Says:

    bearman u should start up a grave yard of campaign signs.. then whenever a new election comes around actually recycle… eg paint over the name or put up the new sticker if they change their slogan or if the name changes for that party…hehe itll b an artist way of telling them u know that they know that you know wat they know about knowing how to recycle promises

  16. Lol…. This really hits the nail on the head bearman!

  17. I don’t get any signs in my yard. I am not affiliated with any party and wich I could say my vote goes to the best candidate, but in the current political environment, if I can claim that I voted for the lesser evil, I guess I was succesful.

    Nice retro!

  18. Tell everyone to send the signs (and promises) to me, Bearman…I’ll make sculptures out of them.

  19. It’s the same here in Tasmania, they leave them up for months after the election. They are, in my opinion, a real eyesore. They sure do recycle the promises, but I guess if the promises aren’t put into practice then they’re still good as new next time around

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