Candy Corn Poop

In continuing to highlight various t-shirts and other products available at, thought I would share this weeks entry into the Halloween gift bag.

I always wondered why you can see your corn in your poop but not your candy corn.


37 Responses to “Candy Corn Poop”

  1. missopinion Says:

    this will sell well with the young boys who like to be gross and gross other ppl out haha.
    ps u are on my blogroll…….

    we dont do halloween in australia like americans or canadians do… if we do it at all… usually we all just look forward to the Simpson’s Halloween Tree House of Horrors MXVIIII.

  2. susi spice Says:

    OOOPPPS its me (aka missopinion) ignore that other name… lol its just political stuff… but u are on my susispice blogroll mwa! haha

    • Susi Spice is Miss Opinion…hmmm I never would have guessed. I have been meaning to update my blogroll when I am at home and keep forgetting. You were top of the list to add. Really I am not just sucking up.

  3. Ha, pretty vulgar. Though it all probably tastes the same. (Candy Corn…blech!)

  4. I think candy corn is one of marketing’s crowning achievements, otherwise, how does it sell so much when no one really likes it?

    Okay, okay, ALMOST no one.

  5. So let me get this straight: You buy the bag, eat a bunch of candy corn, dump in the bag and give it to kids on Halloween? I’m thinking trick here.

  6. DOH!……… duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude ! I’ll never be able to look at my candy corns innocently, ever-EVER again! o.O

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    Bag-o poo –
    Bag-o poo –
    Bearman sells a Bag-o-poo!

  8. I am so glad I already despise candy corn. That’s exactly the way I envision it tasting. 🙂

  9. that’s just wrong bearman!

  10. Fascinating question. And happy memories of very gross party food with boys.

  11. Ah shit Bearman, have you got a bag for Maccas? Hmm, McPoop!

  12. Susi Spice Says:

    i think u should design some bags for american tourists to take into other countries… ill leave u with that idea… hehe

  13. Boy, makes me hungry!

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    I am too curious of the 3rd one not to go & check it out

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