Computer virus….Please send food


10 Responses to “Computer virus….Please send food”

  1. Wow, man! Sorry to hear that. I have some Red Vines. Is that sufficient sustenance?

  2. jigga what now?

    you can come over, my blinds are always shut, there’s always Boone’s farm wine in the fridge (i have lofty taste), and i have pre packaged foods in plenty.

  3. spilledinkguy Says:

    Not cool! Hope your cpu feels better soon, Mr. B!

  4. Blue screen of death? Geez Bearman, do they have a Windows 98 help desk anymore?

  5. Bummer….might be as good as time for any for an upgrade.

  6. The rule of thumb for me is…..if I hear about viruses through friends forwards, I delete the email. It’s when I haven’t received any warnings that I’ve been hit. Although, ever since I installed AVG a couple of years ago, things have been quiet.

  7. I was hit with a very malicious virus too. I have now swapped my free Commodo antivirus for a paid AV, Kaspersky Internet Security. Heaps better. It even found stuff that was lurking in our computer from ages ago that Commodo & AVG never ever picked up

  8. Luckily as I said it was my work computer so I have an IT department that I took it to and they fixed it. Yeah!!

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