Sweet Cherry Beer

Hoping to get a toon out this week but things have been crazy.

Here is another shirt design from the fictional WackSack Brewing Company.

Sweet Cherry Beer with the tag “Drink Like It’s Your First Time”

19 Responses to “Sweet Cherry Beer”

  1. I’ve got ten of those t-shirts 🙂

  2. Not quite to burst your bubble about “fictional” beers, buuuuuuut the package store down the road from me carries a vast array of bizarre flavored beers, and I bet if I asked him, he would be able to find a sweet cherry beer that would compliment the blueberry beer that he carries during the summer and fall.

  3. Haha… like that Tee

  4. Nice design! I’ve been trying some stuff on Zazzle to see if it’s any better than CafePress. I haven’t decided who I’m gonna stick with. Maybe both. Good luck with your t-shirt venture!

  5. Cherry beer, Hmmmm that’s different kinda like alcoholic Dr. Peppers

  6. Ah, but is there any wheat with those cherries?

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    I just never get these references, Mr. B … it seems that there might be an innuendo hidden in there somewhere … but … nah. 🙂

  8. That shirt’s nice! You say you’re having them dine by Zazzle? Hmmm… Never tried them. But then again, never tried Cherry Beer either.

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