Word to the Wise

When you join a new gym, they will entice you with a bunch of group classes. There is one called Boot Camp. Word to the wise, it has nothing to do with learning how to prepare your wardrobe for the upcoming winter.

I am in so much pain, it hurts to type.

33 Responses to “Word to the Wise”

  1. Just like ‘Spinning’ has nothing to do with taking shots of whiskey and watching the room spin

  2. Blahahhha suffer in your jocks. When the eyelids start hurting you are in BIG trouble!

  3. Maybe you should remove the boot, Bearman…

  4. I can’t take that kinf of Torture!

    Thoses classes rate right up there with Water Boarding!

  5. If it’s called Boot Camp and it’s not the name of a new shoe store, it can’t be good.

  6. Will it make you tough as an old boot?

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    It must be a good sign that you haven’t been voted out of the gym yet … and a one, and a two! πŸ™‚

  8. Two words: Couch camp.

  9. So… Can you pick up a phone?

  10. Whenever I hear of Gyms offering Boot Camp I remember my Navy recruit training days. Oh the pain, the pain…
    I am with Jammer, couch camp sounds real good

  11. bearman, no pain no gain ring a bell? (smile) hope your aches are better…

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