Bearman Cartoon: ACORN BUSTed

So ACORN a United States group that the Republicans have been trying to go after for the last several years has pretty much screwed themselves over. It seems a man and a woman posing as a pimp and prostitute went into several ACORN offices trying to figure out how they could qualify for housing and other services ACORN helps with. The prostitution and the pimping didn’t seem to phase the workers and even worse niether did the fact that they talked about pimping out underage Salvadoran sex slaves.

Jon Stewart sums it up in his rant better than I can explain all the details.

So I give you the ACORN got BUSTed editorial cartoon.

 9 18 09 Bearman Cartoon Acorn copy


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27 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: ACORN BUSTed”

  1. Nice nuts… 🙂 There’s a whole comedy routine built around this cartoon, I know it…

  2. I originally pictured a prostitute in bed with an ACORN nut but couldn’t figure out what to have it say so this used less words with an impactful image.

  3. Man, what I wouldn’t give to sock a couple of those away for winter. 🙂

  4. hiding the nipples again I see 😉

  5. I thought they were street lamps or bird feeders! She has nice pointy elbows though 🙂

  6. Chestnuts roasting by an open fire . . . Politicians nippling at the trough . . .

  7. spilledinkguy Says:

    The whole thing is just nuts! 🙂

  8. Nutty as it gets right there. She kind of resembles my neighbor

  9. Hey, isn’t that Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann??

  10. Reminds of a song that Ice T sang at one of the WWE’s ppv back in the 90’s:

    Pimping Ain’t Easy.

  11. I like this one, pointy elbows, hidden nips and all.

  12. Come on Bearman, stop friggin working and get back to entertaining me!!!! Geez.

  13. pimpin’ ain’t easy.

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