Julian Beever – Pavement Drawings

I have been joking about my lack of ability to draw in perspective. Well Julian Beever doesn’t have that problem. I is a reknowned 3D Street Artists. That’s right his canvas is the street yet his drawings seem to actually have height and depth. I am showing a few here but check out all of them at his site.





(ok the baby is real)

23 Responses to “Julian Beever – Pavement Drawings”

  1. I’ve seen his work before – it’s amazing isn’t it?

  2. I have seen his work as well. Do the cities pay him?

  3. Yea, how does this guy make a living? Or does he? Awesome work though! I love looking at these.

  4. Hey Bearman, note where Batman has his finger!!!!

  5. If you check his site you’ll see several done.for corporate clients. The coke one might have been a paying job too. Don’t know about others but I could see a business hiring him to drive traffic in front of their building for a day or so

  6. I love Julian’s work! He’s one of the best artists I’ve seen.

  7. An amazing artist.

  8. I’ve seen these before, but not the lobster and baby one. Creepily awesome!

  9. I see what you mean about the 3d’ness. The Coke bottle especially looks so real. Amazing artwork. Now I’m going to his site to see more

  10. Очуметь просто! Уже все, блин, уже в курсе, кроме меня 🙂

  11. […] or what! 25 10 2009 Came across these had to […]

  12. Благодарю за то что просветили, выводы сответственные сделаем. 😉

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