I am Back….

Well sort of.  It may take  a couple days to get back to posting b/c I am once again heading out of town today but I will make an attempt to visit my commenters sites again.

Thanks again to all my guest cartoonists..they are all great.


32 Responses to “I am Back….”

  1. I guess we had vacation at the same time. I’ve been gone over a week and just got in last night. I’ve had about 15 minutes of computer time in a week! Wow…it’s weird being back online.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    Welcome back, B-man! Excited to see your ‘toons soon! 🙂

  3. Hey, what is this? A teaser post?

  4. Welcome back – ish.

  5. u back already bearman? we trashed the place while you were out!

  6. and now the world is back to normal….

  7. Nice to see you back, Bearman…

    And your gc’s did a stellar job in your absence.

  8. Where the hell have you been Bearman? For goodness sakes!!!! Anywho I have a Community Service Announcement.

    My good friends at Madhatters are about to celebrate their one year anniversary. Hmm, however the problem is, their one big wish is to reach 250,000 hits by Friday. So now in a pathetic attempt to attract more visitors to reach this goal, someone (I wont name names JULIE) has put up a rather bizarre sexually referencing post… because hey, doesn’t everyone want to attract that type of clientele to their blog ? So I beg you to visit them and put them out of their desperate, sorry assed, misery because otherwise these sad “know not what they do” bloggers will end up conversing with pervs, deviants and the likes (which isn’t such a bad thing!). Come on they only need 2,960 hits, show your support by clicking here and leave a comment Madhatters.


  9. Hey Bearman, Mee too am, In and out of the Bloging Routine 🙂 , working on my Startup now. Don’t I won’t miss a post, your feed is on my reader 🙂

  10. Welcome back, Bearman! We missed ya like crazy!

  11. blah blah blah. all i hear is “try”.

    someone famous once said that there is no try.

  12. I look forward for more..

  13. Bear, Welcome back! I missed you. Leaving so soon? See you later!

  14. Sure was nice of you to invite the rest of us on your little vacation. Hope you had a good time without us, actually, you probably had a great time without us 🙂 I look forward to you posting again.

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