D. Long – At 100

Our final two guest cartoonists are actual published cartoonists in the ultimate of cartooniness – Mad Magazine.  First up is D. Long (you can see the image of the now released Mad that has his work on his blog).   You actually have to buy the magazine to see what he drew though.  Someone is yelling “damn the capitalists”

Now D is the mastermind behind Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life.  I am thinking his website address of eqcomics is short for Edmund’s Quest but it could be that he used to draw cartoons for home audio buffs and didn’t want to lose the URL.

Anyway, D takes Edmund on an ongoing quest that continually gets him in and out of trouble.  Just when you think he is safe…BAM, another tragedy befalls.   Mr Long is quite the character himself and decided to show us what he thinks he will look like at 100. 


 I am thinking that his balloon fetish might have taken a turn for the worse.  Thanks D!! 

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Come back in 2 days for our final guest cartoon from the Frustrated Cartoonist!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)

15 Responses to “D. Long – At 100”

  1. spilledinkguy Says:

    Great stuff! And I hear that balloon animals taste like chicken?!? 🙂

    • Balloon chicken is great. The hard part is cutting into them without ruining the meal. Cut too fast and they deflate like a souffle. Actually, cut at all and they do that.

  2. I love Dan’s art! He always gives it that extra, strange oomph!

  3. Funny cartoon Dan, hmm and no muffin top at 100!

  4. But what if it’s an aardvark? I guess balloon aardvarks shells are also made of latex. Hmmmm

  5. My word D. Long, you totally need a good rocker!

  6. […] Go there to see my contribution, would ya?  And check out the other artist contributions while you’re there, and peruse Bearman’s single-panel politically themed strips- there are strips a-plenty. […]

  7. ok ok I’ll pay up… just stop taunting the balloons

  8. Kinda looks like me every morning. Think I need a new shirt?

  9. This is awesome Dan-the-man! LOL, I never would have predicted this for myself as I got older.. but hey… can’t go wrong with balloon animals!

  10. Poor Doggie! Mean mean old man!

    But what’s really scary is the belly shirt…

    Love the cartoon.

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