Addanac City – Hank at 100


George Ford of Addanac City was one of the first Webcomic artists to find me on the internet and actually comment on my stuff.  Addanac City is all about Hank Addanac and the loons that surround him.  George describes Hank as “one kid who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Nearly every day, you can find Hank in hot water with his family, friends, and school officials.  Hank has no respect for authority whatsoever. He’s that kid you love to hate and hate to love.”

Some tend to compare Hank to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes but I tend to think he is more like Dennis the Menace because he is oblivious to the mayhem he causes.  However Hank is Dennis with some actual Cojones.  You can follow George via Twitter as well.

Thanks for the funny George!

Hank Addanac at 100

AC at 100 final

Come back in 2 days for another new guest cartoon from Spilled Ink!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)


24 Responses to “Addanac City – Hank at 100”

  1. That tube of urine is frighteningly yellow…..

  2. That tooth looks like it could do with a filling!!!

  3. Ha! Nice one, George! Love the grandkids!

  4. spilledinkguy Says:

    The grand kids make me curious about who might have married Hank! Very funny! 🙂

  5. I think what scare me most is that he actually found someone to breed with 😉

  6. Man, that is one scary scene!

  7. Oh dear! It’s the slightly uncomfortable plausibility that makes me squirm. But is he like the English or the American Dennis the Menace. (Looks English to me.)

  8. george, i love you stuff. i was scouring your site the other day and your art is impressive…..good toon!

  9. Love the ear-hair! LOL!!! Keep it up George!!

  10. bearman. you’re lame.

    so fricken lame.

    so sick of your excuses.

    who do you think you are?

    like you just have the liberty to come and disappear as you wish?


  11. Haha, oh just grand.

  12. I thought I was the only one who smelled like chalk and Boost…

  13. George, I was anxious to see what you’d come up with for this set. I love it. OMG payback is such a b**ch. Those kids… wow… A little girl Hank. The older pierced one with the doobie. And Hank’s only a little kid now. wait until he’s a teenager!

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