Off Season – At 100

Next up in the Guest Cartoon line-up is Warren Frantz of Off Season.  Warren is a relative new comer to creating webcomics but not that new.  He just moved his comic to the big time of Drunk Duck so there is only one toon up there as of writing this.  So check out his archives here.  If you like you can also follow him on Twitter.

Off Season follows the goings-on of mild-mannered professional hockey goalie Gully Golz and his best friend, fiery sportscaster Sammy Melon. It answers the question: What do athletes do in the off season?  First up is a picture of Gully now.


And at 100…

Old Goalies

I love how he still wears his gloves and puts them down his underpants.  Thanks Warren!!

Come back in 2 days for another new guest cartoon of Addanac City!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)

11 Responses to “Off Season – At 100”

  1. Dude is that Homer without make-up? Geez, give him some Viagra so at least he can scratch something!

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    Ha! Love the “padded” chair – where can I get one? Glancing at the t.v. it looks like I might have to import one from Canada?! Great work! 🙂

  3. I never understood the statistics anyway. I’ll just go straight for the chair.

  4. A horrible trend I’m realizing is that when we’re all 100, we’ll all be wearing our underwear our very baggy clothes 😦

  5. LOSTL! what funny pictures!


  6. LOSTL! what funny pictures!

    Bob;. All the best!!

  7. georgeford Says:

    Hahaha! That’s cool. I love the underwear and the different colored toenails. 🙂

  8. The real question is: Does he realize he’s watching the weather and not sports? Ha!

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