1977 the Comic – At 100

A month ago I put out a request to webcomic creators to share with us their view of themselves or their comic strip characters at age 100. I won’t be able to comment while deep in other stuff so make sure to give all my guest cartoons the love and support that you never gave me.

First up is Byron Wilkins of 1977 – The Comic. Why is Byron first…well because he was the first to send me something and by now he is wondering whether or not I would actually use it.

1977 explores the madcap life of four friends trying to make it in the Rock biz. The 70’s were all about the Kouchie and the Coochie so don’t click on the link if you are offended by sexual or drug references. Byron says of his creation “The comic is based loosely on my life back in 1977 when I was 20 and eager to be a “rock star” and ended up playing gigs at bars in downstate Illinois (the big time for sure!).”

Byron’s character Bud (hmmm wonder how he got that name) is a 20 year old Chicago native who plays bass in the band. Check out Byron’s site for more folks from the band and be sure to follow his TWITTER updates.

Thanks Byron!

Come back in 2 days for another new guest cartoon from Off Season!!   You can also keep up with me via Twitter. (just not now, I am busy I told you)


28 Responses to “1977 the Comic – At 100”

  1. Oh, I figured you’d get around to posting it! 🙂

    I was first by sheer luck that the day I saw your announcement I had some free time (a rarity of late) and this idea hit me off the bat. Yes, if casual sex/drug jokes offend you, don’t read my comic. It’s not that bad, but it was the 70s, as I’m found of saying!

    Thanks for posting it first!

  2. That’s super cool!

  3. spilledinkguy Says:

    Great stuff! I wonder if in 2077 ipod’s will be like the 8 track of today? 🙂

  4. I think his leg is more stiff than well…you know! Unless it’s down his trouser leg….ah never mind !

  5. georgeford Says:

    Hahaha! Bud looks so excited about getting excited. 🙂

  6. I like it. Much more fun that playing spot the difference. Very clever.

  7. Awesome! What a neat idea this is.

  8. very funny~ and accurate i might add byron…this bud guy looks suspiciously … familiar. hmm.. have we met?

  9. So, if, like, his old lady is waiting as well, is there any chance necrophilia is in the works? Just askin’.

  10. Ha, bet you people thinks that’s an MP3 player he’s listening to . . . WRONG. It’s a high voltage device.

  11. A high voltage device, that’s funny. Great post Bear and kudos to the creator of the comic, funny stuff.

  12. Lol. Love it! What a way to spend time at 100! It’s looking “up”

  13. LOL Great guest comic. I guess you’re never too old to get your freak on.

  14. Susi Spice Says:

    hehe the thing is, the viagra HAS kicked in…

  15. Will it kick in??? Or is 100 too old even for viagra to cope with???

  16. Nice, some 1977 😀

  17. I meandered over to Byron’s place. Fun stuff! I think I’m going to become a Bud fan.

    I love this series, Bear.

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