Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 3

We’ve met the host and the contestants on Celebrity Death Panel. Now it is onto the judges. This ain’t no American Idol…you don’t get to choose a winner. The Death Panelists do.

8 17 09 Bearman Cartoon DeathPanel3 copy

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33 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Celebrity Death Panel 3”

  1. Typical, it’s always about the men! What do the wives get, pray tell? A headache every night πŸ™‚ . Deal or no deal?

  2. Uh. Anyone want to buy my share? If not, I’m feeding it to the neighbors dog.

  3. wtf? viagra is free, yet pot is not? freakin’ death drs want everyone stressed out and on xanax instead….now combine the two and you have the perfect remedy for de stressing… iknow kinda off the subject. sorry. love the conecpt of your death panel in relation to idol judges…

  4. I can see it now: Bill Maher: “Bend over, bi*ch.” Ann Coulter: “Is that a live snake, or are you just happy to see me?”

  5. spilledinkguy Says:

    I just threw up a little bit. πŸ™‚

  6. but if every old man has free access to Viagra doesn’t it make too much competition for Mr Maher?

  7. I. effin. hate. bill. maher.

  8. Man, that looks just like Bill Maher. Great work!

    And I’ll be waiting for my scrip of Viagra. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m catching up, on posts and comments. Maybe you’ve hit on how to make healthcare bills pass.

  10. If it’s free without prescription does that mean that all the email spammers will stop trying to get me to buy it from them???

  11. lmao – that’s funny!

  12. Susi Spice Says:

    whos bill maher?

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