Crotcheted Food

Interesting.  Just a day after D. Long of EQ Comics posts this entry trying to understand why he has trouble with the word “crotcheted” (instead wanting to read it “crotch-it-ed”) that I would come across this entry from  It seem a crotchet artist named Kate Jenkins like to make food with yarn. 

Kate Jenkins Fish


Check them all out here.


27 Responses to “Crotcheted Food”

  1. Well I suppose it is better than making yarn out of food!

  2. that is creepy.

  3. Has BKT been at it again!?

  4. Hey, that’s me! Awesome! Well, I mean, D. Long is me, not the fish… The fish is creepy. It’s looking right at you, like “go ahead, try to eat me. I’m yarn.”

  5. Wow. I am just trying to figure out the point of doing that? I just don’t have that kind of free time.

  6. I expect it’s like climbing a mountain. You do it ’cause you can. Like knitting teddy bears when you’re a kid except I couldn’t so my Gran did it for me. You’ve got to admit though, it does provoke a response. (My attempt at a teddy bear would probably have provoked one too.)

  7. I’m sorry, I can’t see that gracing my walls, it would detract from my singing trout!

  8. that’s a great fish!

  9. Yum!

  10. That’s really neat! I like it.

  11. Low calorie count though. Maybe I need to eat some of that. Plus it has built in floss, Bonus!!!

  12. geez sorry for all the comments but how’d i miss this one? this is cool…i need this for my site. good find bearman!

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