Bearman Cartoon: Beer Summit

Everyone knows the drink of choice at the Beer Summit

  • President Obama – Bud Light
  • Professor Gates – Red Stripe
  • Sergeant Crowley – Blue Moon

But what does one wear to such an event???

7 30 09 Bearman Cartoon Obama Beer Summit copy

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33 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Beer Summit”

  1. Hah! He looks awful in jeans.

    Call me tonight.

  2. yeah mom jeans wou d be funny. i hate those things… probably makes people look about 10yrs older than they actually are. Aargh!!!!

  3. haha that’s funny.

  4. WHAT are mom jeans?

    I think the t-shirt would be a good idea though 😀

    • Mom jeans are typicaly worn by women. From urban dictionary:

      Often seen on the 40+ crowd, mom jeans are too high, too tight, tapered leg jeans which manage to showcase any bodily flaw the wearer has. Possible outcomes: The butt will be compressed so it doesn’t stick out, it will instead be pushed to the sides, making it look far wider than it actually is. The genital triangle will be emphasized and outlined (see camel toe or FUPA). The hips will look wider because of the butt compression and the tapering of the legs.

  5. Yes, I do love that t-shirt. 🙂

  6. Where’s my beer stimulus money?? Great toon Bear.

  7. Mom Jeans, Mom Jean, Mom Jeans. Though I recommend Obama check his fly every so often. Mom jeans have a tendency to be inefficient in that department.

  8. Geez, what would the world think if he ordered a glass of Chardonnay. End of his political career right there!

  9. He doesn’t own a Members Only jacket, does he?

  10. I would pay big money to see Obama in that shirt!

  11. spilledinkguy Says:

    Isn’t there a beer Czar for this sort of decision? I might be available … 🙂

  12. What if he wore the suit pants and the beer t-shirt?

  13. I say cut the Mom jeans off right above the pockets and just wear the wife beater with a pair of flip flops. Throw in a prison tat on the ol’ forearm and you’re ready for pretty much any beer shin-dig!

  14. dude, there’s nothing like a nice worn in pair of sky blue MOM jeans with an elastic band.

  15. Mom jeans with the beer T-shirt shirt & a pair of thongs (Flip-flops)
    Roll the mom jeans legs up to just below knee level for an extra casual look

  16. If those are what you call beer, no wonder you have a problem…

    BTW, much enjoyed strolling around your blog, excellent work.


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