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Bearman Cartoon: Wizard of Odd

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Christopher Smitherman is a former Cincinnati City Council Member and the current President of the local NAACP.  As a public figure (like many others) there are many times that I agree with him and times that I don’t.  But at least I tend to understand what he is saying until I find a recent press release from the NAACP

Huh???? I don’t get it. It starts talking about the budget but then veers off into talking about the Wizard of Oz.

Here is just part of it:

Smitherman says, “Will Mayor Mallory find his ruby slippers click them 3 times and show up at the finance meeting today?”

The Cincinnati NAACP is frustrated that a Scarecrow, a Tinman, and a Cowardly Lion have not been able to find the financial yellow brick road. The Cincinnati NAACP believes that city workers who are laid off deserve severance packages based on their years of service.  “The only hope that City Council has in exercising financial responsibility is in the leadership of Toto.  This means Cincinnati is in big trouble when I am looking for Toto to lead us out of this financial mess.  The Cincinnati NAACP is very concerned that 600 city employees could loose their jobs over the next 12 months and there seems to be no leadership at City Hall for these families.  The City Manager will ask the Wizard of Oz today how he can find $125 million to fund the Cincinnati Pension by January 2010? He will ask the Wizard of Oz how he can find $28 million in 5 months for 2009?  Last but not least he will ask the Wizard of Oz how he can find $40+ million for the 2010 deficit?” Smitherman says.

Was this a reference to something that someone on Council brought up? Who is the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion or Toto? I just didn’t get it…but a couple of lines were just classic enough to make the following cartoon.

7 27 09 Bearman Cartoon Smitherman Wizard copy


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Fold a Tshirt in 2 seconds

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UPDATE:  Check out our own friend YorkNBeans video on the same subject that was picked up on CNN.  See it here.

While some people like our friend Lynn think learning to peel a banana like a monkey is cool, I found this more useful. Sure it has been around for years but I am slow (as are many of my readers) and I just discovered this little trick.  I don’t mind DOING laundry, I just hate folding it.

 I guess there has been a video from Japan about how to fold a tshirt in 2 seconds.  Watching the original video there is an obvious cut in action so it appears it was faked.  However, I came across this video.

It actually worked. Now someone just needs to teach this couple how to make a bed in 2 seconds before you make a Youtube video.

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