Editorial Cartoon: BERDINinG the Tax System

Just another “only in Cincinnati” event. Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Berding is looking at all angles to attack aggressive panhandling in the city (which I applaud).  However his latest proposed tactic (read about it here and here) would actually charge a commercial tax to the homeless who panhandle.

Then again, isn’t the government already an aggressive pandhandler???

717 09 Bearman Cartoon Berding Homeless Panhandling

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18 Responses to “Editorial Cartoon: BERDINinG the Tax System”

  1. LOL. There is a lot of panhandlers here. They don’t take no for an answer, so, I guess that makes them thieves and bullies and not so much panhandlers.

  2. I miss Dayton/Cincinnati politics! Always a good time. We’re heading to Dayton in a month, so keep filling me in with these kind of comics so I’ll be prepared when I get up there!

  3. spilledinkguy Says:

    Oh man! This is just so bizarre! Perhaps requiring a business license will be next! 🙂

  4. Nice one! The news here in Portland is about a no sit-lie law and whether it’s been struck down. Panhandlers were required to stand or move on before I guess. Not sure how it applied to students and other passers by.

  5. Hilarious! Your comics kill me…

    We should start a pick-up line/comic business together, it would be a cash cow!

    I just need to figure out the logistics.


  6. The town I grew up in just put ’em on a bus and paid for a one way ticket to a neighboring town!

  7. Phoenix gave them all a bus ticket to wherever they wanted when we had the superbowl here. I didn’t notice a decrease in them where I work.

  8. Berding means to squeeze every lemon completely dry. I thought California wanted every single dime from you. 🙂 Good cartoon, Bearman!

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