Bearman Cartoon: Evil Twin

Did a new cartoon entry for Comic Strip Improv and this time the topic was ‘Evil Twin”.  Will post it later but for now you can see it at their site.  If you want, go to the home page and login with your openid if you want to vote.  Personally I think they should open it up to anyone to vote whether they sign in or not b/c they aren’t getting many voters and I think it is ultimately hurting their number of entries.

UPDATE!!!!  Here is the pic.

7 13 09 Bearman CartoonEvil Twin copy

30 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Evil Twin”

  1. I love that comic, it got my vote.

  2. spilledinkguy Says:

    Create a diversion by filling out an answer or two and then throw a head butt at ’em, Bobby!

  3. Nice work, Bearman! You got my vote. If there’s a recount though, I’m not taking part in it!

  4. I once saw some documentary-type thing about siamese twins that went to school and did tests together, just like the twins in your comic, but if they ever had a subject together, they were just so trustworthy that everyone knew they wouldn’t cheat off each other.

    • Well it was a good thing it wasn’t me. When I was in school, the two people beside me cheated off my test, then the guy behind me could see their answers and cheated off them, then the two people sitting next to him would cheat off his.

  5. I always wondered if one conjoined twin ever grows up to be the lazy, shiftless brother while the other gets the promotions and hot babes. That would be awkward.

  6. LOL. Very funny. I never thought of it that way. That would be impossible to do both. There is no way to fool the other half. You could write the wrong answers at first and then go back and change them, but the other half would just catch on to that. HUH.

    • Need one of those carboard shields they used to put up in elementary school

      • card-board sheilds? where did you go to school bearman? guess your school had a lot cheaters huh? liked the toon

        • Uh yeah…what’s it to you. Actually I remember in college having to be part of a research study for one of my classes that was on cheating. There was a big todo b/c something like 90% of the students admitted they cheated and it made all the local papers.

          What the papers never said is the study considered cheating if you asked a friend who just finished a test, what was on it.

  7. Hahaha! That’s really funny, Bearman! I hope this wins.

    (btw, I finally posted that blog you’ve been asking about how I make AC)

  8. I think test taking may be the least of their ‘issues.’ Funny toon Bear.

  9. hey, I just wanted to thank you for pointing out the posing web site. Awesome stuff. thx.

  10. Well I don’t want to be called a liar so I’m not voting for it but I think Bobby should shut down the vital organs in his half of the body for a while so his brother passes out then he can finish the test in peace. That is if he doesn’t pass out too. But if I could vote for it I would

  11. Oh, that’s neat. (But I’ve not voted – too late at night to cope with joining… maybe tomorrow…)

  12. haha. i was always a freak about covering my answers.

    I didn’t stay up all night studying so you can get an A off my paper beotch

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