So it Rained on Your Fireworks Display

For most U.S. municipalities, July 4th marked many a fireworks display. But for those of us in the Midwest 9 times out of 10 they get rained out.

It looks like Sega Toys is going to release a product on August 1 called the Uchiage Hanabi that allows you to enjoy your very own fireworks display in the safety and comfort of your own home. Should be under $200 but no word on if it will be also released in the US.


13 Responses to “So it Rained on Your Fireworks Display”

  1. I heard much of Ohio was rained out. I wish I was in Dayton for that.

  2. hot and sunny in florida. fireworks went off as planned this year.

  3. you’re from the midwest too?

    i’m sorry to hear that

  4. very pretty… but what’s the point?

  5. The rain outs are why we in Detroit have fireworks a week early..

  6. We had fireworks but my insane dog thought the bottle rocket was the enemy that she had to capture. I wish I had video of it. That’s what I get for adopting a dog from the 9th Ward in New Orleans. LOL

  7. Well if you are counting bottle rockets as fireworks then I am counting my sparklers and pop caps.

  8. I’m okay with that.

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