Bearman @ 100

Illustrator Phil McAndrew posted something at LiveJournal where he asked readers to draw what they would look like at 100. Check at all the great entries here by scrolling through the comments section.

I missed the contest but thought I would take a stab at what I will look like then (hopefully).

6 26 09 Bearman Cartoon @100 copy

I figure I will be my same sarcastic/practical joker self, but people will just say I am old so I won’t get in trouble for it anymore.


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42 Responses to “Bearman @ 100”

  1. That’s one of the perks of getting old, I guess. You can get away with mostly anything. Very nice strip, Bearman! I’m trying to do a little mental age-regression technique so I can see what you look like now, but I think you still remain hidden. 🙂

  2. Hopefully, you wont have to toss the stuff that far at that age. Just stock up on conveniently placed trash reciprocals for the home!

  3. I like that he seems to be using jedi powers on his poopiness 🙂

  4. Remind me not to be standing on the poop deck. At any time.

  5. 😳 oops…I pooped my pants 😳

  6. That shitty diaper is gross, but funny.

  7. Is this funny??? Depends!!

  8. I’ll change your diapers for you when you’re 100 bearman, but You’d have to change mine for me!

  9. hahaha nice i like TWITTER updates cartoon image

  10. If I hit a hundred I hope against all odds I wont have incontinence issues (or restrain at least from tossing it around ^_^)

  11. You look good. Your moobs are little smiles.

  12. spilledinkguy Says:

    I’m always the lame dude who’s warned to duck yet feels compelled to turn around and gawk – and then I pay the price. I better keep working on that!

  13. […] put it out there as a challenge to all of you with a webcomic.  You may have seen my post titled Bearman at 100 and I would like to put out a similar […]

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