Bearman Cartoon: Chaz Bono

Usually the kids of stars are brats or feel self entitled. Never really got that image from Chastity Bono over the years. And if anyone ever watched Celebrity Fit Club, you would know that Chastity was the most sane and emotionally stable person on the show. (OK…I know that isn’t saying much on that show)

Now that Chaz is looking at surgical gender reassignment I couldn’t help but think of another possible benefit given all the anti-gay marriage proposals around the country.

6 18 09 Bearman Cartoon Chastity Bono copy

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18 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Chaz Bono”

  1. That’s not fair! I can’t marry MY girlfriend. My wife would kill me.

  2. Funny George 🙂 I thought this was a great cartoon Bear can I post it on my site? It is very appropriate per what is going on with both Chaz and Prop 8. I live in West Hollywood which is a mostly gay community and I support gay marriage.

  3. Thank God Chaz is going to be a man. I can scratch her off of the list of woman I wouldn’t do. Just leaves Rosie and Oprah.

  4. I will always remember her as the cute little blond toddler on her parents TV show

  5. Good one Bearman. Way to look at the positive side!

  6. way to payback Cher for naming her Chastity 😉

  7. oh george…

    i dont even recognize cher these days.

  8. danineteen Says:

    Haha! I loved that you drew Cher with huge cheeks like that 😛

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