Laugh till it hurts

You know when someone falls down and you have a natural tendency to laugh.  Why do we laugh at other’s misery?

YorkNBeans posted this video about a news reporter who gets attacked by a leapin’ lizard (a Little Orphan Annie reference for all you over 90).  His almost seizure sounds and saying “What the fuck” on air made it priceless.  Had to watch it about 5 times.


16 Responses to “Laugh till it hurts”

  1. LOL. I think we laugh at other people’s misfortunes because we are glad it isn’t happening to us. We all know we have been in a similar situation and we are just happy to see it happening to someone else. Very funny.

  2. I see someone fall and I can’t stop laughing not b/c I am glad it didn’t happen to me…b/c when I fall, I crack up too. I laugh…that is until the ambulance comes and I realize it isn’t so funny.

  3. I love that video

  4. That is hilarious! Too bad it didn’t bite his nuts or something. I’m sure his reaction then would have been even more classic!

  5. The last time I fell (this past March), I broke my wrist. The funny thing about it though (or pathetic) is that I was standing still in my kitchen when I fell! Figure that one out!! 🙂

  6. BTW…thanks for the link, Bear! 😉 I’m glad you got a good laugh from it….or is that several laughs! Each time I view it I laugh harder.

  7. I didn’t find this video all that funny. Check this out: Now that is funny!

  8. HAHA. It was the two men laughing so hard that made it funny for me.

  9. I like the “why me” part…Why because he is a lizard. It’s not personal.

  10. Great lizard comedy, and I know a thing or two about lizards. Funny.

  11. That was wild! I enjoyed that one a bunch.

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